NewsRussia sees "unbridled escalation" in Ukraine prompted by the US.

    Russia sees “unbridled escalation” in Ukraine prompted by the US.

    “People are crazy. They have abandoned what were considered basic elements to guarantee their own security and that of their allies,” the Russian deputy foreign minister said of Washington’s policies.

    Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov declared on Thursday that the Kremlin acts prudently in the conflict with Kiev without letting the situation escalate uncontrollably, contrary to what the Western powers, led by the US, are doing. .

    “We see a rampant escalation in what is happening now in Ukraine, an unbridled increase in stakes by Washington and other capitals,” the senior diplomat was quoted as saying by TASS. “The impression is that people are simply crazy, they have rejected all past experience, They have abandoned what were considered basic elements to guarantee their own security and that of their allies,” he denounced.

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    Riabkov also stated that Russia continues to show maximum responsibility when it comes to the Ukrainian crisis, but does not stop warning its opponents that they are playing with fire and that the risks right now are very high.

    “I can guarantee that […] those responsible for the special military operation, those who give the orders and formulate the objectives, we act calculated and with cold blood,” said the Russian vice-chancellor, adding that there can be no talk of any uncontrolled escalation by Moscow.

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    In this context, he also criticized the Western policy regarding arms deliveries to Kiev, calling it an “absurd decision” and stated that all military material sent from the West “will be crushed” by the Russian Armed Forces.

    In his remarks, the Moscow representative also reiterated that Washington is not yet ready to hold a dialogue on the current crisis.

    “They have taken Ukraine at their expense and turned it, without exaggeration, into an anti-Russian battering ram. […] I don’t see the slightest willingness on the part of Washington to listen to our proposals”, stressed the vice minister. In this sense, he indicated that it is impossible to talk about “some kind of diplomatic process or political” with Washington “in the current situation.

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    Source: RT

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