NewsRussia leads the increase in exchange between China's trading partners

    Russia leads the increase in exchange between China’s trading partners

    The volume of trade between the two countries grew by almost 40% so far this year.

    The commercial exchange between Russia and China grew 38.7% to reach a value of 53,840 million dollars between January and March in interannual terms, reports the Chinese General Administration of Customs.

    According to the data, the Russian-Chinese trade exchange was the one that experienced the highest growth among the main trading partners of the Asian giant. For comparison, transactions increased 34.9% with Singapore, 16.3% with South Africa and 10.9% with Australia.

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    The exports to Russia in this period increased by 47.1%, climbing to 24,073 million dollars. Only in March, the growth was of the 136% against March 2022, equivalent to 9,000 million dollars.

    The imports of Russian goods this year increased 32.6% to reach 29.77 billion dollars in the first quarter.

    In this way, Russia increased its surplus by 7% commercial, at 5,690 million dollars from the first quarter of 2022.

    China exports to Russia a wide variety of products: electronic devices, industrial equipment, toys, footwear, vehicles and air conditioners, among others.

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    the asian giant buy from Russia especially oil, natural gas, coal, copper, lumber, fuels, and shellfish.

    Source: RT

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