NewsRussia increases production of hypersonic missiles

    Russia increases production of hypersonic missiles

    “Production volumes of various types of weapons increased by 2 to 10 times,” while the manufacture of some specific models even grew by “dozens of times,” Rostej reported.

    Russia is increasing the production of hypersonic missiles, as well as other types of military equipment and ammunition, as reported on Tuesday by the industrial director of the arms division of the Russian state corporation Rostej, Bekjan Ozdoyev.

    “Production volumes of various types of weapons increased 2 to 10 times“, he assured, pointing out that the manufacturing of some specific models even grew in “dozens of times“.

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    “First of all, the increase occurs in tanks and combat vehicles, lightly armored vehicles, multiple launch rocket systems, heavy flamethrower systems,” Ozdoyev listed, adding that optical devices and weapons of destruction are also part of the list.

    “The production of missiles for the systems was also expanded Kinzhal, Iskander and Pantsiraerial bombs, artillery and tank shells, among others,” he said. “In parallel, we are carrying out new developments in the field of high precision weapons. In particular, we are creating a new generation of ammunition for the Malva self-propelled howitzer, including guided ones, which will provide an advantage over the artillery of NATO countries,” Ozdoyev said.

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    Source: RT

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