NewsRussia: Delivery of cluster munitions to Ukraine is a "gesture of desperation"

    Russia: Delivery of cluster munitions to Ukraine is a “gesture of desperation”

    The “pumping” of Western weapons to the kyiv regime will not affect the achievement of the objectives of the Russian special military operation, the Russian ambassador in Washington has declared.

    The US decision to deliver cluster munitions to Ukraine is an escalation in the conflict that is bringing the world closer to a new world war, said the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov.

    Speaking to reporters, the Russian diplomat said that if there were no doubts about the “deep involvement of the US” beforehand. in the Ukrainian conflict, with the delivery of such weapons “Washington continues to raise the stakes“.

    US confirms supply of cluster bombs to Ukraine

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    “The current level of US provocations is indeed over the line, bringing humanity closer to a new world war“, he declared.

    However, the official expressed confidence that the “pumping” of Western weapons into the Kiev regime will not affect the achievement of the objectives of the Russian special military operation.

    “Cluster munitions are a gesture of despair. Such a move shows that the US and its satellites are aware of their powerlessness,” Antonov said, referring to the failures of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

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    The delivery of this type of ammunition will simply increase the number of victims and “will prolong the agony of the kyiv regime“, he pointed out. In addition, he condemned the “inhumanity”, the “brutality and cynicism” of Washington, whom he held responsible for future civilian victims due to bombs of this type that do not explode.

    What are cluster bombs?

    Cluster munitions, first used during World War II, can be used in rockets, bombs, missiles, and artillery shells. After being launched, they open in mid-flight, spreading many minibombs over a wide area.

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    Critics argue that when these submunitions are dispersed, they can maim and kill civilians, compounded by the risk associated with unexploded projectileswhich represent a danger for years.

    Due to the lethal incidence of these weapons in the civilian population, 123 countries adopted a convention in 2008 prohibiting the use of cluster bombs. It should be noted that 111 nations are part of the agreement, while only 12 are signatories.

    Source: RT

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