NewsRussia claims it prevented an attempted Ukrainian "invasion" with tanks, planes and...

    Russia claims it prevented an attempted Ukrainian “invasion” with tanks, planes and soldiers

    The Russian Army claims that “Ukrainian units made up of up to two motorized infantry companies, reinforced with tanks, tried to invade” the country.

    The Russian army affirmed this Thursday that it used aviation and artillery to reject a Ukrainian “invasion” attempt in the Belgorod border region, in it southwest of the country, with tanks and soldiers.

    “Around 0300 (0000 GMT), Ukrainian units made up of up to two motorized infantry companies, reinforced with tanks, tried to invade” the territory, the Russian Defense Ministry warned on Telegram. Moscow used aircraft and artillery to prevent Ukrainian troops from crossing into Russia, he added.

    Shortly before the attempt, the region suffered “intense bombardments against civilian installations”. The Belgorod border region has suffered several raids and shelling in recent weeks.

    The Russian Defense Ministry specified that “three attacks carried out by Ukrainian terrorist groups were repelled thanks to the dedication of the Russian military.”

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    The soldiers were backed by the air force, which carried out 11 attacks, and the artillery, which launched 79, according to the ministry statement.

    Belgorod Governor Viacheslav Gladkov reported “non-stop shelling” by Ukraine in the areaeven with the very destructive Grad multiple rocket launchers.

    The bombardments targeted the city of Shebekino, with 40,000 inhabitants and located about 10 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. The attacks left a dozen injured and damaged several buildings.

    There were also attacks in the village of Novopetrovka, which injured two teachers from a local school.

    Videos on social networks showed several buildings on fire.

    According to Gladkov “the enemy has not penetrated the territory of the Belgorod region”. The governor denied information released in the morning by some Telegram channels according to which the Ukrainian forces had made an “advance” in the region.

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    “The situation in Shebekino is difficult at the moment, there are shelling, we hear the clashes. The Russian troops are doing their job, but there is no advance by the Ukrainian forces,” they said from a crisis command established in the region by the authorities. .

    Bombings and raids have increased in recent weeks in Russia. Ukraine has said for weeks that it has been preparing a major counter-offensive aimed at driving Russian forces back from the territories they occupy in their country.

    Last week an armed incursion of men from Ukraine was registered in this region. Since then, various areas of Belgorod have come under heavy artillery and mortar fire, as well as drone strikes, according to local authorities.

    At least 3 dead in a new Russian attack on kyiv

    Meanwhile, at least three people were killed in a fresh round of Russian missile attacks on kyiv on Thursday, including a 9-year-old girl and her mother, according to Ukrainian authorities.

    Relatives react next to the body of the girl killed during the bombing of kyiv. Photo: EFE/Sergey Dolzhenko.

    The Ukrainian air force intercepted the 10 ballistic and cruise missiles launched by Kremlin forces, although the falling debris caused damage and casualties, according to authorities, who also reported 16 injuries.

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    Russia has intensified attacks on the Ukrainian cital and other parts of the country in recent weeks. The Ukrainian cital alone suffered 17 drone and missile attacks last month.

    Authorities said Thursday’s attack had used ground-launched short-range Iskander missiles, and announced the cancellation of events in kyiv to celebrate International Children’s Day.

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