NewsRon DeSantis vows to wage "a war against drug trafficking in Mexico...

    Ron DeSantis vows to wage “a war against drug trafficking in Mexico and throughout Latin America”

    The Republican candidate for the US presidency assured that he will designate the Mexican cartels “as transnational criminal organizations” and apply sanctions to their leaders and other entities that support “drug trafficking.”

    The Republican candidate for the US presidency. Ron DeSantis announced on Monday a comprehensive plan to combat the “invasion” of migrants and Mexican cartelswhich includes a series of drastic measures that it would apply if it wins the elections in 2024.

    The Governor of the State of Florida headed a campaign event in Texas, with a speech focused on the migrant problem and the fight against drug trafficking. There, the candidate for the White House stated that he plans to send the Coast Guard and the Navy to block the entrance to Mexican ports of ships loaded with chemical drug precursors.

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    “While in Eagle Pass, Texas, I saw firsthand the crisis at our southern border. Millions of illegal immigrants are crossing the border and tens of thousands of Americans are dying from fentanyl being smuggled into our country,” DeSantis said. from his Twitter account.

    For the Republican candidate, the situation is due to the “massive abandonment of duty” by the current president, Joe Biden, but as he promised, he will solve it if he wins the elections, among other things, he would finish the construction of a wall to block the border, as promised by his possible rival in the internal ones, former President Donald Trump.

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    “Stop the invasion. Fight the cartels. Build the wall. Restore our sovereignty. No excuses”he pointed out when presenting the document, published on his campaign website.

    “Millions of illegal aliens have entered the US during the Biden Administration, including criminal aliens and individuals suspected of government terrorism, who have overwhelmed communities across the country,” the plan states.

    DeSantis, who launched his candidacy for the 2024 Republican Party internships a month ago, promised he would fight “a war against drug trafficking in Mexico and throughout Latin America.”

    Within this framework, he assured that he will designate the Mexican cartels “as transnational criminal organizations” and it will apply sanctions to its leaders and other entities that support” drug trafficking.

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis officially announces his presidential candidacy

    No right to citizenship

    The governor of Florida also announced that he will end “the idea that the children of illegal aliens are entitled to citizenship by right of birth if they are born in the United States,” as the 14th Amendment to the Constitution makes 150 years.

    “Offering citizenship to the future children of illegal immigrants is one of the main causes of illegal immigration”DeSantis said and assured that his application is “incompatible with the original interpretation” of the aforementioned amendment. “We will force the courts and Congress to finally address this failed policy”he stated.

    Likewise, the Florida president indicated that he will reactivate the ‘Stay in Mexico’ program launched by Donald Trump in 2019, and will hire “more Border Patrol agents and more removal agents to make sure that even if illegal immigrants do cross, they are quickly located and deported.”

    Source: RT

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