NewsPrince Harry reveals more intimacies in a new series about his time...

    Prince Harry reveals more intimacies in a new series about his time in Afghanistan

    Harry, the Duke of Sussexhe was once again “Ctain Windsor”, Afghanistan veteran military and Apache combat helicopter pilot. It was at the presentation today of his documentary “Heart of Invictus”, a Netflix series, which reproduces the stories of wounded soldiers of war in Afghanistan and which he founded nine years ago, as part of his cure.

    But in the series Harry reveals how the war generated “a trauma” in him, the effects of losing her mother, Princess Diana, in a traffic accident in 1997 in Paris, when she was only 12 years old, how her ghosts woke up and no one “ever” spoke to her about it in her closest environment. This is how she comes to find a therist at 28 years old.

    The series premiered this Wednesday, one day before a new anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, which no one in the Royal Family will remember.

    “I’m Harry, (I have) a wife, two children, two dogs,” he said in the living room of his house, in Montecito, California in his presentation, to give way to other testimonies.

    Breakdown and trauma

    The Duke of Sussex spoke for the first time about his “fall art”, after his return from his tour of Afghanistanwhich triggered the “trauma” of losing his mother at the age of 12.

    Harry leaves court in London on June 7. Photo: Reuters

    In his documentary series Heart of Invictusreleased on Netflix on Wednesday, Harry said his “biggest struggle” was that “nobody around me could really help.”

    “I didn’t have that support structure, that network or that expert advice to really identify what was hpening to me,” she said.

    Diana, a ghost that is not spoken of

    The death of Princess Diana It is still taboo for the Royal Family after she died with Doddy Al Fayed, her summer boyfriend, in an accident in the Alma tunnel in Paris.

    Harry’s father, King Charles III, did not hug his children when breaking the news of his death at Balmoral Palace. His grandfather, Prince Philip, took them hunting so they would forget. They went down to the streets of London for the funeral due to popular pressure. The death of his mother was never mentioned again in the Royal Family.

    Lady Di with Harry, in 1995. Photo: APLady Di with Harry, in 1995. Photo: AP

    Harry spent his summers in Lesotho, in Africa, because his father was already living with Camilla Parker Bowles, his lover, who later became queen. He was accompanied by the current king of Lesotho, who was his oldest classmate at Eton school, and had lost his mother.

    Mental problems for the army

    The Duke of Sussex, an army veteran who performed two tours of Afghanistan, said mental illness was a “dirty word” when he first joined the military. That’s why he wants to cure the “stigma” within society.

    “Look, I can only speak from my personal experience, my tour of Afghanistan in 2012 flying Apaches. At some point after that, there was a breakdown. The trigger for me was actually return from Afghanistan“, said.

    File photo of Prince Harry in a military vehicle in 2008. Photo: APFile photo of Prince Harry in a military vehicle in 2008. Photo: AP

    “I didn’t really talk about it. I suppressed it like most young people would have done. But when it all went away, I was bouncing off the walls and I thought: What’s going on here?. Now I’m feeling it all instead of being numb,” she admitted.

    This is how he first recognized his trauma: “It wasn’t until later in my life, when I was 28 years old, that a circumstance occurred in which the first bubbles began to come out. Suddenly it was as if someone shook and made pouf. And then it was chaos. My emotions were spread all over the wall, everywhere I went. I thought: How the hell do I contain this? I have gone from nothing to everything. Now I need to grab a glass jar and get in it, get in it, leave the lid open and my therist told me: You choose what goes in and everything else bounces“.

    The pilot and gunner prince

    Prince Harry was a pilot and gunner of the Apache helicopters at Camp Bastion, in southern Afghanistan, between December 12, 2012 until 2013, when the press discovered him and they made him return. On his second tour, the Taliban attacked Camp Bastion to kidn or kill him.

    Harry plays rugby with his teammates in Helmand, Afghanistan, in 2008. Photo: AP Harry plays rugby with his teammates in Helmand, Afghanistan, in 2008. Photo: AP

    Harry made a surprise pearance to introduce the series during a special screening in California. He is heard speaking to the audience about the sacrifices veterans and their families make while serving their country, in a video circulating on social media.

    The series shows another Harry. Neither the Spare biogrhy nor the interview where he denounces, along with Meghan, his traumatic experience in the Royal Family, the racism of the Royals towards his wife and children, nor his trial against the tabloids, which destroyed his life.

    Harry the veteran

    This is Harry in Invictus, a cause he cares about and seems much more comfortable talking about. It’s Harry, the veteran. Although the Royal Family he will take away all his decorations and did not let him wear a military uniform or his rank after leaving for Canada and California in his self-imposed exile.

    There is an interesting question that is asked in the first episode: “What do you do for a living?”

    Harry in the Afghan desert.  Photo: AP Harry in the Afghan desert. Photo: AP

    Harry replies: “There are many hats one wears, but today everything revolves around Invictus“.

    Invictus are the stories of men and women in service, who They survived combat and dealt with physical and mental injuries. His travels helped and shed them as they participated in the Invictus Games.

    Harry isn’t the star of this show: it’s the veterans. But the Duke of Sussex and his name are clearly driving Invictus’ work forward.

    Harry and his wife Meghan during the 2023 Invictus Games in Germany.  Photo: EFEHarry and his wife Meghan during the 2023 Invictus Games in Germany. Photo: EFE

    His wife Meghan Markle peared only briefly in several scenes to support him.

    Source: Clarin

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