NewsPolice officers record members of the FARC dissidents that besieged them from...

    Police officers record members of the FARC dissidents that besieged them from a command post

    This bloc of the disappeared armed group had expressed its willingness to participate in the bilateral armed strike proposed by the Colombian government.

    A video is circulating on the networks where a group of members of some dissidences of the extinct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are observed patrolling the streets of a rural area of ​​the department of Narino, in the south of the country, after threatening and besieging to the agents of a police station.

    The images, taken by the agents of the Police Command of the Policarpa municipality, show the uniformed men of the Franco Benavidez Mobile Column, related to the Southeast Bloc or ‘Gentil Duarte’, which did not accept the peace agreement from the beginning and that it is led by ‘Ivan Mordisco’.

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    The members of that group of dissidents, who carry long weapons and bracelets that identify them, guard the police station, as can be seen in the registry.

    The members of the Franco Benavidez Mobile Column would have asked the command officials, through a telephone message, to don’t get out of there if they wanted their lives to be respected, collects El Colombiano.

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    Weeks before, this block of the extinct FARC had expressed its agreement to participate in the bilateral ceasefire proposed by the Government of Gustavo Petro, which started on January 1.

    The Ombudsman’s Office recently published on its Twitter account that between 2017 and 2022 it issued 136 early warnings to warn about the risk that communities run due to the presence of FARC dissidents.

    Narino, bordering Ecuador, is one of the 29 departments in the country where these armed actors operate.

    Source: RT

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