NewsPolice break into the house of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan...

    Police break into the house of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and arrest more than 60 people (VIDEOS)

    “Under what law did they force the door, fell trees and break into the house heavily armed?” former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote on Twitter.

    The Pakistani Police broke into the residence of former Prime Minister Imran Khan -accused of corruption and persecuted for having failed to comply with several judicial arrest warrants-, where they clashed with supporters of the politician, of whom more than 60 were arrested by the forces of the Pakistani police. order, official sources reported, according to local media.

    Members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI, or Pakistan Justice Movement in Urdu) party, led by Khan, recently fought “pitched battles” in front of his mansion in the city of Lahore, where both PTI members and uniformed officers have been injured, reports Geo TV.

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    The images shared on social networks show the agents breaking down the main door of the house and brutally beating the rioters. with sticks and cheers.

    Suhail Sukhera, the senior police officer who led the operation, said officers took steps to remove a barricade erected by Khan’s supporters, who had blocked the lanes around the house with concrete blocks, felled trees, tents and a parked truck, pick up AP.

    Sukhera stated that the politician’s supporters, who were armed with batons, tried to resist the Police throwing stones and molotov cocktails, and that a man who was on the roof of the building opened fire. At least three police officers were injured.

    At the time of the events, Khan was not at home, as he had traveled to Islamabad to appear before a court that accuses him of having sold state gifts while in office, as well as having hidden his assets.

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    “By what law they forced the door, felled trees and they broke into the house heavily armed? wrote Khan on his Twitter about what happened. “Worse still, they did it after I left to appear before the Islamabad court, and Bushra Bibi [su esposa]a totally apolitical person, was alone at home,” denounced the PTI leader.

    Khan had been holed up at his Lahore home since Tuesday, after failing to appear at a previous hearing in the proceedings against him. His supporters violently confronted the uniformed officers until a court ordered the Police to postpone their operation to arrest the politician in an attempt to mitigate political instability.

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    This Saturday, the presence of the former head of government was officially registered by the court, although, due to the clashes around the judicial complex, the former senior official was not physically allowed into the room and was allowed to sign the necessary papers from his car, after which he drove home, Khan’s aide Fawad Chaudhry told Reuters. The judge postponed the hearing until March 30, reports the Pakistani press.

    Source: RT

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