NewsPHOTO: They reveal where the Artemis III mission could land on the...

    PHOTO: They reveal where the Artemis III mission could land on the moon

    The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera managed to obtain the image of the place, when the ship was about 170 km from Shackleton crater, at the lunar south pole.

    NASA has revealed the image of one of the 13 regions of the Moon that are candidates to receive astronauts within the framework of the Artemis III program, which will be the first mission to carry crew to the lunar surface, including the first woman.

    On March 3, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) managed to obtain a photograph, which is 25 km wide, of the back of the malapert massif (informal name), when the spacecraft was about 170 kilometers beyond Shackleton crater, at the south pole of the Moon.

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    According to authorities, the area, which is relatively flat and visible from the reference location, is believed to be a remnant of the rim of the lunar Aitken south polar basin, which formed more than 4 billion years. The view from the top rises more than 5,000 meters on its basis. In the distance you can see a cliff of 3,500 meters Tall.

    The size of the place makes it one of the main candidates to receive the future mission scheduled for 2025which will mark the return of humanity to the lunar surface in over 50 years and will make history by being the first mission to take a woman and a person of color to the moon.

    Last Wednesday, the US entity presented the new suit designed for astronauts at the Huston Space Center (Texas, USA). It was highlighted that the techniques applied in the creation of this diving suit will allow the crew of Artemis III walk the lunar surface “effortlessly”perform more complex geological and scientific tasks and move to space stations “with greater ease”.

    Source: RT

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