NewsPHOTO: The Perseverance rover finds a 'crab claw' and a 'shark fin'...

    PHOTO: The Perseverance rover finds a ‘crab claw’ and a ‘shark fin’ on the surface of Mars

    The publication of the image on social networks caused a wave of comments from users.

    On its journey through Jezero Crater, on Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover came across two rocks, whose shapes caught its attention in the extensive attempt to determine if there ever was life on the planet. Using its Mastcam-Z camera, the robotic vehicle took a photograph of the discovery, which became the image of the week of that mission at the end of August.

    The publication of the snapshot on the Perseverance account on the social network Meanwhile, others said it looked more like a coffee bean or the head of a turtle. As for the stone next to him, some compared it to a shark’s fin.

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    Although Mars is believed to have had rivers and ponds billions of years ago, there is no evidence of crustaceans, much less sharks. Clearly, what Perseverance sighted is another example of pareidoliaa psychological phenomenon that consists of relating certain random stimuli to the shape of familiar objects.

    It is not the first time that the American agency has disseminated images of this type, that is, easily associated with the realities of everyday life. Perhaps the most famous case was in 1976, when the Viking 1 space probe captured an image of what looked like a human face on the surface of the red planet. NASA explained that it was the result of the combination of the angle of illumination of the Sun’s light and the low resolution of the photograph. In any case, the so-called ‘Face of Mars’ generated discussion and another interpretation of a ufological nature arose, which maintained that it was a work or monument made by beings from other planets.

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    Source: RT

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