NewsPeru's Minister of Women receives death threats for investigating an "influencer" accused...

    Peru’s Minister of Women receives death threats for investigating an “influencer” accused of rape

    A man, known in networks as Makanaky, said that he had been part of a group rape of a minor, for which he was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office.

    Authorities of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Peru, including the head of the portfolio, Nancy Tolentino, have received several death threats after they asked the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the influencer Einer Gilber Alva Leon, known on social networks. as makanakywho said he had participated in a sexual violation.

    Elba Espinoza, vice minister of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, confirmed this Tuesday to local media that both she and Tolentino and their respective families have received intimidating messages and calls from unknown numbers.

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    “These unscrupulous threats that hide in social networks even intimidating our children with messages and images of firearmsEspinoza deplored.

    In dialogue with the state channel TVPeru Noticias, the official explained that they have been sent videos with firearms in which death threats are heard. Along these lines, he specified that they have even received “messages of a supposed lawyer” in which they ask them not to follow up on the case.

    The Makanaky case

    In an interview with boxer Jonathan Maicelo, released recently, Makanaky admitted that he had forced a schoolmate, along with other people, in their first sexual relationship.

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    “It was at school. I was nervous. It was when I was 15, I think, with a (young) chibola. My friends are very cold. ‘She doesn’t want to,’ they told me. But they still did it by force.”he asserted.

    Subsequently, another interview was published on networks in which the subject narrated the fact, amid the laughter and applause of other men who were with him at the time.

    Given this, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations denounced Alva Leon for apology for sexual abuse, but it is not ruled out that the Public Ministry adds new crimes to this cause.

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    Source: RT

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