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    Peru says it has “indications and evidence” of the use of weapons from Bolivia during the protests

    However, despite placing the weight of the facts on the alleged weapons of Bolivian origin, the Prosecutor’s Office announced that it will open a preliminary investigation against him for crimes of genocide, homicide and serious injuries in the protests.

    The president of the Council of Ministers of Peru, Alberto Otalora, affirmed that there are “indications and proofs” that projectiles and weapons from Bolivia were used during the protests that demanded the resignation of President Dina Boluarte in the department of Puno, and that left 25 dead.

    With this statement, Otalora is in the same line as Boluarte, who said days ago that his government was aware that “a type of firearms and ammunition had entered through the south of the country” and that these would be “the ones that could having caused the deaths”, reports Peru 21.

    Although the president requested that an investigation be opened in this regard, she expressed that she should “be emphatic in pointing out that this type of ammunition is not [son las que] uses the Police”. However, despite placing the weight of the facts on the alleged weapons of Bolivian origin, the Prosecutor’s Office announced that it will open a preliminary investigation against him for crimes of genocide, homicide and injuries seriously in the protests.

    police action

    In an interview on the Punto Final program, Otalora was asked if he considered the possibility that the police officers had made mistakes in the indiscriminate use of force during the demonstrations, to which the official replied: “Democracy cannot be weak“.

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    According to the Peruvian premier, the Police have the constitutional function of guaranteeing internal order, with which he tried to defend the actions of the uniformed officers during the mobilization, which culminated in more than twenty deaths from projectile impacts.

    In the same way, he recalled that, according to Legislative Decree 1186, uniformed men could use firearms whenever “strictly necesary” and “in defense of oneself or of others in case of real imminent danger of death or serious injury”.

    Otalora asserted that he expected the Public Ministry to investigate case by case, and put on the table the alleged presence of other armed actors in the protest, an idea that had already been outlined by Bolearte.

    “Are we sure that only the police used firearms?” he asked, to which he himself replied: “We’re not sure“.

    “It would be wrong to politicize the issue”

    Despite the fact that the possibility of the participation of external factors in the mobilization appeared, the prime minister recalled that the Prosecutor’s Office had declared that the investigation was “complex” and assured that he did not want to “politicize” the matter.

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    “It would be wrong for me to politicize this issue, which is that we are giving all our confidence and all our support to this constitutionally autonomous body to determine responsibility,” he said.

    During the interview, when asked whether or not weapons from Bolivia had finally entered the country to repress the population, he said that they had “indications and evidence” that this had been the case, and blamed Evo Morales for being in charge of destabilizing actions.

    Dina Boluarte apologizes for the situation in Peru, but refuses to resign

    “Not only has there been a transfer of material from Bolivia here, but also systematic and permanent work by some former presidents not only to stir up the populationbut to speak clearly of insurrection,” said the head of the Cabinet.

    However, Otarola went further and blamed the former Bolivian president for being “brainof an “insurrection in the country”.

    A week ago, Peru prohibited Morales from entering that country. The Bolivian leader responded that the decision sought “distract and avoid responsibility for serious human rights violationsagainst the Peruvians.

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    In a tweet published this Monday, Morales asserted that “Bolivian coup leaders support the Peruvian repressors” and that the Peruvian right “comes together to lie on both sides of the border and hide the genocide.”

    In recent days, deputies opposed to the former Bolivian president have supported Boluarte’s statements about the alleged shipment of arms from that country, for which they blame the members of the Single Union Federation of Peasant Workers of the Omasuyos province, known as ‘Red Ponchos’ . This trade union movement denied the veracity of these accusations and asked that they offer explanations about those remarks.

    For almost two years, Morales has been accused of allegedly making alliances with peasant and indigenous sectors in Cusco and Puno for geopolitical purposes.

    The press also points out as “interference” the statements of the former Bolivian president, who has issued judgments on Peruvian politics, after the vacancy of then-president Pedro Castillo.

    Source: RT

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