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    Peronist and of Korean descent: the businessman who bursts (and surprises) in Argentine politics

    Alejandro Kim is a candidate for legislator for the city of Buenos Aires.

    At 45 years old, the businessman Alejandro Kim decided to launch himself into politics and, in a few weeks and thanks to the TikTok platform, he has become one of the emerging figures in the campaigns for the general elections on October 22.

    Kim is a pre-candidate for legislator in the city of Buenos Aires by the party Principles and Valuesfounded by his friend Guillermo Moreno, a well-known Peronist leader who was a member of the cabinet of former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

    His name began to become known thanks to the videos he posts on TikTok and in which he reiterates his love for Argentina, mate and choripan, his fight against xenophobia and discrimination, but also boasts its biculturality and charisma that would be the envy of any professional politician.

    Kim knows what he is talking about, since the main factor that has drawn attention is that his father and mother were born in South Korea, but in 1976 they arrived in Argentina to try their luck in this country.

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    The following year Kim was born, who studied law, joined the textile company founded by the family, created his own law firm and later became vice president of the Chamber of Korean Entrepreneurs in Argentina.

    Today he is trying to occupy a seat in the Legislature, so his first challenge will be to win the candidacy in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory elections (PASO) that will be held on August 20.

    If he succeeds, then yes he will become the first Argentine of Korean descent to represent Peronism on the ballot.

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    One of Kim’s main messages is in favor of migrants who from time to time suffer from negative campaigns in which they are blamed for crime and for “taking advantage” of free health and education in Argentina.

    Before running, Kim was already known among the communities, because in addition to working with Korean businessmen, he had legally represented immigrants of other nationalities.

    In fact, one of the main collaborators of his campaign is Gustavo Moron, one of the leaders of the Bolivian community living in Buenos Aires.

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    Beyond Kim’s militancy and social commitments, a TikTok video was the one that put him in the spotlight, as he challenged local palates by offering the ‘chorikimchipan’a sandwich that combines two of the most popular foods in Argentina (choripan) and kimchi (South Korea).

    Then he began to add followers and to be summoned by the press.

    A candidate for Argentine legislator cancels his application after being accused of being anti-Semitic

    “All foreigners are Peronists without realizing it”said in a radio interview that had a high impact due to the love and hatred that the Justicialista Party, founded by the late former president Juan Domingo Peron, has historically aroused.

    The candidate also reveals himself to the polarization that has prevailed for more than a decade in Argentina.

    “In the electoral offer, they are all spaces of hate,” he criticized the offer respect and tolerance in returnelements that do not usually predominate in times of campaign.

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    Source: RT

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