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    “People do not vanish into thin air”: the disappearance of a mother while walking her dog shocks the United Kingdom

    The Police believe that the woman could have fallen into the river “for some reason”, while ruling out the involvement of third parties.

    the disappearance of Nicola Bullya 45-year-old mortgage broker who was last seen on the morning of January 27 in the town of St Michael’s on Wyre (County Lancashire) when she was walking her dog, keeps the United Kingdom in suspense.

    To date, all the efforts of the Police, which has been combing the area and the river wyre since the time of his disappearance, they have been unsuccessful.

    In the last police report on the investigations, it is ensured that “there is no proof“that the disappearance is “suspicious” or that there are “third parties involved”. Likewise, the possible fall of the woman “for some reason“in the River Wyre is the working hypothesis of the agents.

    Bulley’s partner, Paul Ansell, claims to be living in a “perpetual hell“. “We are living this, but it does not seem real. All we can say is that we have to find her. He has two little girls that they need their mum at home,” Ansell said at the family home in Inskip, quoted by The Guardian.

    A video call and the mobile in a bank

    This is the sequence of events handled by the Lancashire Police:

    • 8.43am: Nicola walks along a path near the River Wyre after taking her daughters to school.
    • 8:50 am (approximately): A dog walker who knew Nicola sees her walking in the lower field with her pet Willow.
    • 8.53 am: Nicola sends an email to her boss.
    • 9.01 am: Connects for a work call on the Microsoft Teams platformbut with the camera turned off and the microphone muted
    • 9.10 am (approximately): A witness who also knows Nicola sees her walking with Willow in the upper field. From the Police they emphasize that they are working to establish exactly when this happened, since it was the last time that the missing person was seen by someone. They also focus on finding out what happened between 9:10 and 9:20, because the woman would have disappeared at that time. temporary “window”.
    • 9.30 am: The virtual meeting in Microsoft Teams ends, but Nicola remains connected.
    • 9.35 am (approximately): The mobile phone was found by another passerby on a bank near the river, while Willow was nearby.
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    Added to these facts are the images recorded by the doorbell camera of Bulley’s house, in which the woman can be seen charge your car away from home before taking their daughters to school.

    Among other conclusions, the Police, who have published a list of the clothes the woman was wearing on January 27, maintain that Bulley did not leave the field, where she was last seen. “We have carried out a tremendous amount of work, both searching the area and investigating behind the scenes, and based on that work, we are as confident as we can be that Nicola did not leave the area where she was last seen and that , unfortunately, for some reason, it fell into the waterLancashire Police Superintendent Sally Riley said.

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    there is absolutely nothing suggest, from all the research we have done, that something bad happened to him or that there are third parties involved in his disappearance,” the official reiterated.

    However, Bulley’s sister, Louise Cunningham, insists that the hypothesis to which the Police are clinging it is not evidence and it is only a theory. “Everyone has to keep an open mind, as not all security camera videos and leads have been fully investigated, and Police confirmed that the case it’s far from over” she said. Speaking to Sky News, the sister said on Friday that the family lives “caught in a nightmare.” “Something must have been overlooked. Someone must know something. People don’t vanish into thin air“, he lamented.

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    rays of hope

    Special units of the Police, as well as members of the Coast Guard Service, the Mountain Rescue Service and the County Fire and Rescue Service are participating in the search efforts. Likewise, search dogs, a helicopter and a drone have been deployed, in addition to divers. Meanwhile, the private diving company SGI mobilized its employees to help public bodies “for free“, details Sky News.

    Meanwhile, a friend of Bulley’s told the channel that the woman’s daughters ask where their mother is. “The helicopters are looking for momone of the daughters can be heard saying, pointing to a search party.

    In turn, the residents of St Michael’s on Wyre gathered this Sunday at the local church, where they lit candles in the hope that the missing woman will be found alive.

    Source: RT

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