NewsPele's 100-year-old mother still doesn't know her son died

    Pele’s 100-year-old mother still doesn’t know her son died

    Little is known about Celeste Arantes, the woman who promoted Pele’s dreams when he had not yet become an eternal soccer legend.

    After Pele’s death, Maria Lucia do Nascimento, sister of the ‘King of Soccer’, stated that her mother, Celeste Arantes, 100, has not yet received the news of her son’s death.

    Maria Lucia said that, in recent days, she had spoken several times with her mother about Pele’s state of health. However, she admitted that she doesn’t know if Celeste, who doesn’t always respond, is aware of the situation.

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    “She doesn’t know, we’ve talked, but she doesn’t know. It’s fine, but she’s in her little world. She doesn’t know, or yes. Sometimes I tell her: ‘Dico is like this, but let’s pray for him, right, mom But he is not conscious,” said Maria Lucia in an interview with ESPN.

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    He also commented that he had been in the hospital on December 21 and had a last conversation with Pele, whom he affectionately calls ‘Dico’. “We were there with him, he himself was already feeling it too. He was very calm, we talked a bit. But I could see that he was feeling it, that he already knew he was leaving. He is very religious, he told me that he was ‘in the hands of God'”.

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    Little is known about Celeste Arantes do Nascimento, the woman who fueled Pele’s dreams when he had not yet become an eternal soccer legend. On November 20, while many thought about the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, Celeste celebrated her centenary in Santos, where she currently lives, away from the flashes.

    Source: RT

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