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    Pedro Sanchez’s unstoppable raid on TV and radio in search of lost popularity

    The Spanish head of government seeks to wake up the 400,000 left-wing voters who preferred to stay at home in the last electoral pointment.

    There are still more than ten days to go before the electoral campaign begins for the general elections on July 23 in Spain and the president of the government and socialist candidate, Pedro Sanchez, is betting on sit in front of as many cameras and microphones that i can

    The objective? Wake up the 400 thousand voters of the left that in the last electoral pointment -the municipal and regional ones of May 28- preferred to stay at home.

    Vote it’s not mandatory for the Spanish and the latest results they were cruel for Sanchez, general secretary of the Socialist Party and head of the PSOE-Podemos coalition government: the PSOE obtained 28 percent of the votes and lost almost all regional power in the twelve autonomous communities that voted to renew their authorities.

    Pedro Sanchez, with the presenter Pablo Motos, during the interview on the program “El Hormiguero”, on Antena 3. Photo: EFE/Atresmedia/Carlos Lopez

    “With seven million votes and with almost 800,000 more votes than the Socialist Party, we have won the elections cleanly,” said the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Nunez Feijooafter midnight from May 28 to 29, when he went out to celebrate on the balcony of the PP headquarters on Genova street in Madrid.

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    The reflex reaction to that electoral punishment, of a Pedro Sanchez who has the ability to turn adversity into opportunity was to announce that the general elections, scheduled for December, were brought forward to July.

    Therefore, although he knows that for now is not the favorite in the polls, days of frantic media tour.

    He agreed to be interviewed at Casa Labra, the restaurant where the PSOE was clandestinely founded in 1879. He confessed on the radio that It hurts when they call him “Dog Sanchez”. And till conversed with two puppets from an entertainment program that asked him about the catering for the presidential plane and if they also bother him by phone offering him promotions to change cell phone companies.

    Pedro Sanchez during one of the many interviews that he accepted to regain his popularity.  Photo: EFE

    Pedro Sanchez during one of the many interviews that he accepted to regain his popularity. Photo: EFE

    A Pedro Sanchez never seen

    He also called a private meeting with some foreign correspondents, among whom was Clarion.

    In the Socialist Party they consider that this is the moment for Pedro Sanchez count yourself as he did not Never before. So that he pears in an informal outfit, so that he smiles for the camera, so that he names the interviewer and allows himself to be called by first name.

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    The message, according to those behind the communication strategy, is that the president of the government “puncture the bubble” that the conservative parties created around his figure.

    The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, speaks to the media.  Photo: EFE

    The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, speaks to the media. Photo: EFE

    wish dismantle the binary slogan of “Sanchez or Spain”. They want to annihilate the PP leader’s proposal to “repeal sanchismo” and deny that Pedro Sanchez wants to remain in the Moncloa Palace at any cost.

    They propose that the counteroffer to the personal attacks of the right towards Sanchez be the achievements of his management in the first coalition government in the history of Spain in democracy. And that, for that, the president be the guest of honor in the TV and radio programs with the highest audience in Spain.

    In Ferraz -the name of the street of the PSOE headquarters in Madrid- they strive to ensure that the Spanish do not remain in the annoyance of thinking about having to go vote in summer.

    They aspire to install the idea that the electoral advance is essential to clarify the result left by the municipal and regional elections: that The PP must agree by force with the extreme right of Voxas is already hpening in the formation of various regional governments.

    Pedro Sanchez during a press conference held at Moncloa, Madrid.  Photo: EFE

    Pedro Sanchez during a press conference held at Moncloa, Madrid. Photo: EFE

    And that the PSOE would achieve a better understanding with Sumar -the new political force that brings together various lefts and led by Yolanda Diaz, current Minister of Labor in the Sanchez government- from the one he achieved with Unidas Podemos, his minority partner in the government coalition.

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    In the privacy of the Palacio de la Moncloa, no one doubts that the next government of Spain will be a coalition: of the Socialist Party with Sumar. Or the Popular Party with Vox.

    The PSOE points out that on July 23, the participation of Spaniards in the polls exceed 70 percent.

    The Socialists are betting that there will be three million more voters than those who went to vote on May 28.

    Even if it were, the question revolves around What would those hypothetical voters choose? that that Sunday in May they found no motivation to stop what they were doing and go vote.

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