NewsPeculiar assault attempt goes viral because the alleged thief forgets dialogue

    Peculiar assault attempt goes viral because the alleged thief forgets dialogue

    A passenger confronts him and ends up scolding him, “you don’t even know how to steal,” she tells the young man.

    An alleged assault attempt went viral on social networks, after the alleged assailant forget his ‘speech’. Although it is not known exactly where the events occurred, from the way the subject in question expresses himself, it could have been in the City or State of Mexico.

    In the images it is heard that the criminal asks the passengers of a public transport for all their things and that they put them in a bag -which they do not carry- and “without looking at my face because if I don’t get angry, please“, He says.

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    Then, hesitating, he takes out a sheet of paper that begins to read: “Camera my people, you already know it, wallets, cell phones, backpacks in front.”

    Faced with the situation, one of the users of the truck confronted the young man and claimed “you don’t even know the text, if you want, get off to practice and then you get on another to assault well”, to which she responds “it’s that I’m a new friend”.

    And so the peculiar video of just over three minutes lasts, with a discussion between the woman and the boy who affirms: “My dad was just locked up and I have to support my family.”

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    She debates “my parents told me, everything you do, do it well and you don’t even know how to steal“.

    Finally, none of the passengers take the alleged robbery seriously, so the offender, annoyed, gets out and leaves.

    Source: RT

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