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    TikTok to be unbanned in Pakistan

    PTA to unban TikTok after it was banned on 9 October in Pakistan.

    Islamabad, Pakistan: On Monday Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA stated that TikTok is being unbanned after the managing body guaranteed that it will censor all accounts responsible for spreading hate, vulgarity, and indecency.

    TikTok’s authority in a tweet said that the user’s account in Pakistan will be moderated according to the local laws.

    On October 9 PTA blocked the video entertainment app on grounds of spreading vulgar and indecent content.

    At the time of the ban, PTA made a statement that a final notice to TikTok had been issued and gave enough time for responding with a possible mechanism to modern unlawful immoral video content uploaded on the app.

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    On Saturday the Chinese app released a cryptic memo appealed to lift the ban. The social media tech giant gave a hazy assurance on the matter of allocating resources to the Pakistani market.

    In a calculated message the company said that if Pakistan decides to reopen TikTok services, then certainly the company will allocate resources to the Pakistani market.

    According to a report, the app has been installed nearly 43 million times in the country. Out of these numbers 14.7 million alone coming from 2020.

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    TikTok after banning the app remarked that their services were not available in Pakistan and PTA has not contacted them.

    On the other side, PTA senior official said that a memo was clearly conveyed to the apps management in a virtual conference stating specifically that compliance with the instructions was crucial.

    The subject of concern with TikTok is that it is not providing a specific timeline for the moderation actions to be taken.

    The official further added that an application can not work solely independently and remain detached from the ethics, religious and cultural respect in the region.

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    Following the ban on 9 October, a petition was filled by a private citizen in Islamabad High Court regarding the video entertainment app who elaborated that the ban on TikTok has cost his business.

    On Thursday the Islamabad High Court asked for a description from PTA regarding the ban.
    The appeal said that TikTok was a medium for Pakistani citizens to showcase their talents and exercise their right to expression.

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    Addisie Arega
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