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    The release of Indian pilot is the mature response of Pakistan, DG ISPR

    Inter-Services Public Relations director general Major General Babar Iftikhar clarified that it is misleading to term Abhinanands return to anything other than Pakistan’s mature response.

    Islamabad, Pakistan: On Thursday the DG ISPR made a statement that it is highly disappointing and misleading misleading to link Indian Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman to other things.

    He said that it was Pakistan’s mature response to the situation and to name it any other thing is deceptive.

    DG ISPR in his statement did not point out to any specific person but it did come out a day after Ayaz Sadiq, former speaker of National Assembly and a member of PML-N gave his own viewpoint that Pakistans Teerek-e-Insaf government had realized the pilot out of fear of an attack by India.

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    Sadiq’s comments regarding the event fueled a social media fire. On Thursday Sadiq himself clarified that his thoughts were misquoted and misreported.

    On Thursday DG ISPR address a press conference said he wanted to clarify and correct the record concerning the developments that came up after India violated Pakistan’s air space in February last year.

    DG ISPR said that yesterday a comment was made that tried to contort the historical facts connect with national security.

    He said that after an attack on Indian troops in occupied Kashmir Pulwama, India resorted to aggression towards Pakistan.

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    He said that the Pakistan Army was alert and in a timely response foiled the opponent’s designs. The nemesis planes had come to drop explosives on the Pakistani population but dropped them on the hills when they saw the Pakistani Shaheens approaching.
    In this scenario the Pakistani civil and military people were United.

    DG ISPR said Pakistan decided to teach the opponent a lesson and responded in broad daylight. He said not only Pakistan gave a befitting response to the enemy but also shot two of its planes down and also captured the pilot Abhinandan.

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    He said during these events the enemy became frightened and lost its control and shot its own troops and helicopter in a state of panic. This not only exposed India’s hollow claims of might and power in front of the world and made the Pakistani people as a nation proud.
    He added as a peace-loving and responsible state, Pakistan Government to give chance to peace released Indian wing commander Abhinandan, the prisoner of war.

    Pakistan’s decision to release the prisoner was praised by the world as Pakistan followed Geneva Convention rules.

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