NewsPakistanPakistan: National Co-ordination (NCC) committee not in favor of imposing complete lockdown

    Pakistan: National Co-ordination (NCC) committee not in favor of imposing complete lockdown

    National Co-ordination Committee (NCC) in a meeting ruled out the possibility of imposing a complete lockdown in the country.

    Islamabad, Pakistan: National Co-ordination Committee (NCC) in a meeting ruled out any chance of implementing absolute lockdown in the country.

    Despite the increase in COVID-19 cases in the last couple of days. The committee advised endorsing all the measures forwarded on 28 October by National Control and Command Centre (NCOC) Pakistan.

    That included strict following of (Standard Operating Procedures)SOPs at all public places. wearing of masks and reduction in timings for commercial and market proceedings.

    NCC which met under the supervision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the chief ministers of all four provinces also showed up to the meeting via video link, also affirmed to continue the implementation of smart lockdown in areas of high COVID-19 cases.

    This policy has proved to be successful in Pakistan’s combat against COVID-19.

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    It was directed that decisions of NCOC be strictly implemented.

    According to a statement made by officials, Imran Khan directed the stakeholders to hold a strict balance between the following of SOPs and the livelihood of the people.

    He added to increase the number of critical equipment in hospitals so the rise of COVID-19 patients could be catered to.

    He also directed NCC to make guidelines for further course of action in consultation with the stakeholders and issue the required guidelines.

    The NCC members briefed the Prime Minister regarding the current COVID-19 situation in Pakistan and the rapidly increasing ratio of COVID-19 positive cases.

    The Prime Minister addressed a media conference with his economic team after the proceedings of the NCC.

    He said that his government has decided not to close industries and businesses in the fire situation of the second wake of COVID-19.

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    Imran Khan said that all businesses and industries will not be closed. He said in case of a surge of COVID-19 cases only specific places will be closed that have been hit by the virus and will close those places that will not damage the business.

    He said that industries and institutions will be run by proper following of SOPs.

    Imran Khan urged the people to wear masks and to sanitize hands in order to prevent the spread of the virus. He gave the example of countries like India and Iran where SOPs were not followed which led to devastating results.

    Imran Khan said that as the winter season is arriving, they need to make a careful decision. He said that so far Pakistan has managed to survive the difficult situation with Allah’s blessings. But now there is a fear f a second spike of COVID-19.

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    He said that the world has acknowledged that Pakistan was the only country in the subcontinent which has come of the pandemic economically.

    He said that Pakistan was one of the few countries in the subcontinent that had seen an increase in exports in the pandemic.

    Asad Umer Minister of Planning and Development speaking to the media conference said that policy of smart lockdown will be implemented in the wake of the second COVID-19 peak so that pressure is not put on a common man.

    Asad Umer who also heads the NCOC said that smart lockdown is a way of protecting employment opportunities and also a hallmark of effective governance during the pandemic

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