NewsPakistanPakistan: Motorway Gang Rape Case Coverage Banned by PEMRA

    Pakistan: Motorway Gang Rape Case Coverage Banned by PEMRA

    No news regarding the recent nation shocking motorway gang rape case would be aired on television.

    Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory authority has prohibited any news related to the motorway gang rape case. The directions were imposed upon the order of Anti-Terrorism Court Lahore.

    The prime sexual offender has not been caught yet and it is said by officials that one of the reasons is the impetuous media coverage and mishandling of cardinal information. The culprits’ photos were shown on all Television networks along with their possible disguises.

    The motorway gang rape case was a horrific act of sexual assault that jolted the entire Pakistani nation. A woman traveling with her children on the night 9 September 2020 was mugged and raped in front of her children when her car broke down on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway.

    A DNA test was conducted of people from the nearby village and the samples of two people matched with the DNA found at the crime scene. Shafqat Ali was caught, he currently under trial whereas the prime suspect Abid Ali had fled and has not been caught till now. Past crime reports state that Abid Ali was a convicted sex offender of 2013 but was released on bail.

    The heinous crime had gained massive public attention almost equal to the Zainab rape case. After the motorway gang rape, numerous concerns are raised. A debate has been started throughout the country regarding women’s safety and the prevailing rape culture. All prominent personalities have expressed concerns about deteriorating women and child protection.

    A nationwide was held in protest of the motorway gang rape. Celebrities, children, men, women from all communities came forward asking for justice and new strict laws to be implemented. Since the motorway gang rape women have come forward stating their sexual assault encounters.

    The Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Pakistan came under the radar when he gave a controversial statement in a television interview regarding the victim that why was she traveling alone at night without a guardian on a deserted road. He has then been asked to resign by the public. The public is of the opinion that in no way his statement is justifiable, his duty should be to arrest the suspects and bring them to the court of justice instead of victim-blaming.

    The second notion is that his statement regarding motorway gang rape is contradictory to the state of Madinah, one which the present government boosts on making because, in the state of Madinah whose principals were laid down the champion of humanity Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him).

    Woman protection is the utmost priority to the extent that she could travel alone at night with jewels and justice is upheld in all spheres. Where predators are captured and not left ravaging the streets.

    Another ongoing demand is the public hanging of rapists that punishment this severe will stop the revolting crime although this idea is disputable among different think tanks.

    The ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to pass legislation on chemical castration the opposition party Pakistan People Party (PPP) opposed the legislation, but this is still an ongoing matter.

    The case is still open with the prime suspect on the flight.

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