NewsPakistanPakistan: Balochistan government urges PDM to postpone public meeting in Quetta

    Pakistan: Balochistan government urges PDM to postpone public meeting in Quetta

    Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) advised to postpone its jalsa in Quetta on bases of security threat .

    Islamabad, Pakistan: On Friday the spoke person for the Balochistan government Liaquat Shahwani advised that Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) postpone its coming political jalsa.

    in wake of a report alerting of a security threat issued by the National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta).

    Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) an alliance of 11 opposition parties against the government had scheduled its third jalsa on 25 October in Quetta.

    Initially, a meeting was planned to be held in Quetta on 11 October but a change of plans occurred.

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    PDM launched it’s an anti-government campaign from Gujranwala on 16 October.
    The second meeting was held in Karachi on 18 October.

    Liaquat Shiwana in a press conference said that pointed that it had already postponed its meeting but compliance is required for them to delay it again, taking in view the report issued by Nacta, he commented it’s for the wider benefit of the public.
    The extent and nature of the threat were not disclosed.

    He further commented that PDM can hold its meeting after the threat has been dismissed or when the masterminds have been caught.

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    He said that the government of Balochistan has not faced a problem in the past nor it will face it now.

    The spoke person guaranteed that the government of Balochistan will not impose any restrictions or hurdles on routes and supporters.

    The spokesperson said that the Balochistan government has facilitated the PDM leadership with bulletproof vehicles and it will supply masks and sanitizers to the public to attend the event.

    Liaquat Shahwani emphasized that if PDM truly is a pro-public party it will respect the notice and for the greater good of the people it will demonstrate responsibility and will postpone the processions for now.

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    Pakistan Democratic Movement is an alliance against the government which was assembled after a virtual conference meeting on 20 September which sparked a lot of arguments.
    The movement in its final stage of its three-stage plans on making a decisive March in December against the Pakistan Government.

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