NewsPakistanPakistan: 2nd COVID-19 wave to hit Punjab

    Pakistan: 2nd COVID-19 wave to hit Punjab

    A surge in cases has been seen in Punjab as winter season approaches.

    Islamabad, Pakistan: It is predicated that Punjab is gradually heading towards a second wave of the Covid-19 as an upheaval has been witnessed in confirmed cases of the virus across the province during the last 24 hours.

    According to the official figures obtained on Sunday, 203 people tested positive in Punjab during the corresponding period, the largest number since Aug 15 when the province had recorded 210 confirmed cases of the virus. In the last 24 hours, 5 critical patients died in Punjab province.

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    Lahore has, once again, mottled as the highest risk city where the virus is spreading fast as out of the whole 203 new cases, 106 are from it, followed by Multan 16 and Faisalabad 10.

    The health officials have cautioned, quoting some reports, cases may go up within the coming weeks mainly due to flagrant violations of the standard operating procedures within the government offices, educational institutions, and other public gathering places. Officials say that following the identical apprehensions recently, the Punjab government had enforced 856 small smart lockdowns altogether the 36 districts of the Punjab province. A total of 7295 residents have been restricted to their homes. The lockdowns came into action after the detection of 1,235 COVID-19 positive cases.

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    Two small smart lockdowns were proposed with 520 positive cases in Lahore and 123 in Rawalpindi over 177 positive cases.

    A senior officer says a Punjab cabinet committee will meet on an emergent basis today (Monday) to review the COVID situation and therefore the health department would present its report regarding the COVID-19 situation.

    Dreading a second wave of the coronavirus following a sudden uprise in the number of positive cases, the official says, the Punjab government may move towards smart lockdowns and, just in case of further spread of the virus, a whole lockdown option is additionally there. a close analysis of the case is being prepared during this regard.

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    He says that just in case of over two confirmed cases of the virus in a street of any city, a sensible lockdown would be enforced and on finding over 10 such cases, there would be a whole lockdown as practiced within the past during the height time of the pandemic.

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