NewsOutrage after new Koran burning in Denmark – DW – 24.07.2023

    Outrage after new Koran burning in Denmark – DW – 24.07.2023

    The Iran-backed Houthis had called for the protest, urging “Islamic countries to hold an emergency summit” to take concrete action against governments that would insult the scriptures of Islam. The governments of Sweden and Denmark should also apologize to all Muslims and undertake to stop any further such actions.

    Stop “hate crimes” like this

    The Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemned the action and called on the authorities of the EU countries to “quickly reconsider their so-called freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate”. The Turkish Foreign Ministry spoke of a “despicable attack” on the Koran. Denmark must take the necessary measures to prevent such “hate crimes” against Islam.

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    A Koran had previously been burned in front of the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen. The group “Danish Patriots” broadcast the action live on Facebook. A man had already burned a book called the Koran there on Friday. Similar actions took place in Sweden. A crowd stormed the Swedish embassy in Baghdad last week and set it on fire. Sweden withdrew its staff for security reasons.

    Danish Foreign Minister clearly distances himself

    Denmark and Sweden had allowed the burnings, citing the protection of freedom of expression. However, Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen stressed that he condemned the burnings. These are provocative and shameful acts that do not represent the views of the Danish government. “I appeal to everyone to de-escalate – violence must never be the answer.”

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    In Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, thousands took part in protests against the desecration of the KoranImage: Khaled Abdullah/REUTERS

    Thousands of people protested against the burning of the Koran in Iraq on Saturday. The government in Baghdad said Danish embassy staff had left the country after the protests.

    However, the government in Copenhagen said the staff had not withdrawn from Iraq. Rather, the embassy in Baghdad has been closed for summer vacation since July 22. A spokeswoman declined to comment on whether or not the staff left the country for the duration of the closure.

    haz/wa (dpa, rtr, afp)

    Source: DW

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