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    “No one said it would be easy”: Stoltenberg comments on the great human losses in Ukraine

    NATO’s secretary general was speaking in the European Parliament when a female MEP told him that claims that kyiv was making progress on the battlefield are false.

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes it is natural that kyiv would suffer heavy losses during its widely announced counteroffensive, as everyone knew from the beginning that it would be a “bloody, difficult and tough” operation. This was declared this Thursday while speaking in the European Parliament.

    When the parliamentarians put their questions to Stoltenberg, the Irish MP, Clare Dalynoted that “the world is starting to realize“that the secretary general’s rhetoric about Ukraine’s progress on the battlefield and reality “go in opposite directions.”That’s not true. Since he was here [en el Parlamento] Last time, Ukraine lost territory, 500,000 men died“, he stressed.

    Furthermore, the deputy noted that, due to the lack of success during its counteroffensive, kyiv has had to resort to conscription. “There are reports that the disabled and mentally ill are recruited into the Army. Men are paying money to leave the country, they are hiding in their homes. Now we are in a bloody war of attrition“, he stated.

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    For his part, Stoltenberg responded that “no one ever said this [la contraofensiva] it would be easy“.”It was clearly stated that this was going to be a bloody, difficult and harsh offensive.“he stated, noting that the reason for this is that the Russians prepared defensive positions, with trenches, obstacles for tanks and enormous quantities of mines. “Almost never in history have we seen more mines on the battlefield than today in Ukraine. So it was obvious that it was going to be extremely difficult,” he said.

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    Source: RT

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