NewsNigeriaSenate President Blasts Colleagues for Violating Social Distancing Rules

    Senate President Blasts Colleagues for Violating Social Distancing Rules

    The outbreak of #Coronavirus in Nigeria has significantly resulted in a massive change in the way we do just about everything about our individual lives and on a daily basis. 

    Policy makers in Nigeria have had to adopt the use with innovative measures such as observing the social distancing of 2 metres between person to person, the use of face masks, regular hand washing and the use of sanitizers. These social approaches are aimed at preventing the spread of the corona virus from person to person.

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    Medical experts assert that the corona virus could be transmitted when people cough or sneeze and that the virus cannot travel a distance beyond 2 metres.

    This stance explains why the Nigerian senate president is so bitter with fellow senators all of whom are expected to be shining beacons with their lives and conduct in the face of a national battle against a microscopic enemy, but have chosen to be otherwise.

    Lawan Berates Senators for Ignoring Laid Down Rules

    According to the Vanguard Newspapers, Senate President, #Ahmad_Lawan on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, during a plenary session at the house of assembly compelled his fellow senators to strictly observe the social distancing rule because of the increasing spread of coronavirus in the country.

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    The Senate President was obviously displeased with the nonchalant violation of social distancing rules by the senators at the hallowed chamber.

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    The Senate President raised the red flag while reading communications from President, commander–in-chief, Muhammadu Buhari to the Senate on the screening and confirmation of nominated persons for appointment by the government.

    It was noteworthy that the President of the Senate expressed a heightened fear as a result of one Senator Uche Ekwunife, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Anambra Central inching very closely to the Senate’s Deputy President .

    At another instance, soon after Senator Ayo Akinyelure, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ondo Central had spoken, the President of the Senate also reminded the senators of the essence of wearing face masks whenever they had to address issues on the floor of the house of assembly.

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    Also corroborating this view, the Daily Post reported that the Nigeria Senate President, Dr Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan, had insisted on social distancing during plenary in a bid to greatly minimize the wanton spread of covid-19 among senators in the house of assembly.

    The senate president, who expressed this view while taking the votes and proceedings of Tuesday’s sitting for adoption, emphasized that senators at the back row must sit far apart from each other in conformity with the precautionary measures to cut down the high rate of covid-19 infection in Nigeria.

    He reminded the house of assembly members that they were leaders who must live in an exemplary manner because the electorate and the entire world were observing the manner in which the members of the senate observed social distancing rules prescribed by the government.

    Also, the Punch Newspapers correspondent observed that some of the legislators were not putting on face masks and that they casually exchanged banter at ranges shorter than the recommended 2 metres spacing before and during plenary.

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    Lawan strongly advised senators to observe the recommended spacing of 2 metres between persons both at the back seats and elsewhere when they seat for the meetings in the hallowed chamber.

    The Former Deputy Senate President’s Experience

    Former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, agreed with Lawan’s stance and appreciated the importance of complying with the various regulations put in place to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

    Ekweremadu narrated how a Tanzanian colleague had called him on Tuesday to inform him they had lost two members of the Tanzanian parliament.

    Also according to the Premium Times, the Senate President Ahmad Lawan on Tuesday felt awful with the obvious violation of the principle of social distancing by senators during plenary. He advised the senators to show good example by upholding the laid down rule specially-adopted for fighting coronavirus.

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