NewsNetanyahu watches the joint military exercises of Israel and the US (VIDEO)

    Netanyahu watches the joint military exercises of Israel and the US (VIDEO)

    Netanyahu watches the joint military exercises of Israel and the US (VIDEO)

    The Juniper Oak 23 maneuvers have the participation of 6,500 US and 1,100 Israeli troops, 142 aircraft and 12 warships, and are intended to send a message to Iran about US and Israeli military capabilities.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited the Israeli Air Force control center to observe Juniper Oak exercises 23.

    In the company of senior military officials, Netanyahu and Gallant witnessed the maneuvers with live fire that they carried out the Israeli and US Air Forces. Likewise, “they were informed both of the activity of the air, land and naval forces in the exercise, as well as of the joint training with the US Army,” reads the statement issued on January 25 by the prime minister’s office.

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    “This exercise expresses the unbreakable strategic partnership between Israel and the US, and constitutes a further stage in building the Israeli military force,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying by the report. “Israel will always defend itself with its own forces but, of course, welcomes ever deeper cooperation with our biggest ally“, he added.

    In turn, Gallant maintained that the cooperation between both Armies “is a welcome step that improves and increases the capabilities of the defense system.”

    The joint drills between the US Armed Forces and those of Israel began on Monday and were described by a senior US Defense official as the “most significant” in their history. Nearly 6,500 US troops Y more than 1,100 Israelis.

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    Juniper Oak 23 includes the deployment of 142 aircraft. Of them, a hundred are American, among which are 45 fighters, four bombers, four combat planes and two drones. A total of 12 warships they are also taking part in the drill, which is reportedly intended to send a message to Iran about the military capabilities of Israel and the US.

    Source: RT

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