NewsNestle fined because its 'Maggi Meat Cube' is not made with meat

    Nestle fined because its ‘Maggi Meat Cube’ is not made with meat

    According to the Peruvian authorities, the company deceives consumers by making them believe that the seasoning is made with this food.

    The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property of Peru (Indecopi) imposed a fine of $45,769 on Nestle, after determining that the ‘Maggi Cubo de Carne’ seasoning is not made with meat, the media reported. local.

    According to the reports, the complaint was filed in January 2022 by the Association of Consumers and Users of Ancash – Acurea before the Indecopi Commission for the Inspection of Unfair Competition.

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    After analyzing the case, the authorities determined that, by promoting the product with the caricatured portrait of a bovine and a plate with pieces of meat, although it lacks this food, Nestle deceived consumers.

    For its part, the company argued that the image in no way conveys the message that the product is made with meat, but rather indicates that it is a seasoning with that flavor. “A reasonable consumer would not think that such a small cube would contain meat,” he said.

    In the same way, he assured that the packaging expressly indicates that it is a “dehydrated mixture with a meat flavor”. However, Indecopi determined that, when deciding which product to purchase, the consumer is guided by the entire package and not by its individual elements.

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    Source: RT

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