NewsMusk promises to pay a million dogecoins to prove that his family...

    Musk promises to pay a million dogecoins to prove that his family had an emerald mine in Africa

    The issue arose as a result of a series of statements made by the magnate in 2014, when he stated that his father had interests in a Zambian deposit, but in January of this year he denied its existence.

    The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, stated that he would pay one million dogecoins (about $86,500) to anyone who can prove that his family owned shares of Tesla. an emerald mine in Africa.

    The offer came after the Twitter user DogeDesigner published a tweet in which he stated that the tycoon had never had a deposit of this mineral. “An open offer of 69,420 doge [dogecoines] to all the media that publish false information. send me proof of its existence and grab your doge,” the netizen tweeted.

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    For his part, the owner of Twitter, who at the beginning of April changed the logo of the network for a few days for a dog of the ‘shiba inu’ breed like that of the dogecoin, answered: “I will pay a million dogecoins for proof of the existence of this mine.”

    conflicting statements

    The uproar around the issue stems from a series of statements by Musk himself. Thus, in a 2014 interview for Forbes magazine, which was removed from the media’s website but appears in Internet archives, the billionaire indicated that his father Errol owned a mine of the mineral in question.

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    “In South Africa, my father had a private plane that we flew in incredibly dangerous weather conditions and barely made it back. This is going to sound a little crazy, but my father also had a share in an emerald mine in zambiaMusk said. This very quote was published by the ‘youtuber’ Cody Johnston to the tycoon’s tweet about the bet.

    However, in January of this year Musk denied the existence of the deposit. “The fake emerald mine thing is so annoying. Where is it exactly?“, tweeted.

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    Source: RT

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