NewsMoscow: Delivery of cluster bombs to kyiv is "a show of impotence"...

    Moscow: Delivery of cluster bombs to kyiv is “a show of impotence” by the US.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry considers Washington’s decision “a cynical attempt to prolong the agony of the Ukrainian authorities without taking civilian casualties into account.”

    The decision by US President Joe Biden’s Administration to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs is “a gesture of desperation and a show of impotence”, as well as a new manifestation of the aggressive anti-Russian policy of Washington, which intends to prolong the conflict until “the last Ukrainian”, declared this Saturday the spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zajarova.

    Biden confirmed this Friday that his country will supply Kiev with cluster munitions, the use of which is prohibited in much of the world, within the framework of the new military assistance package valued at 800 million dollars.

    The Pentagon: A Russian victory would be worse than the danger to civilians from the use of cluster bombs in Ukraine

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    According to the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Washington’s decision is nothing more than “a cynical attempt to prolong The agony of the current Ukrainian authorities disregarding civilian casualties“. “In Washington they know perfectly well that the ‘promises’ of the ‘Ukrainazis’ that they will use these indiscriminate weapons ‘with care’ and ‘responsibility’ are worthless. The civilian population will be attacked, as has happened every time the US and NATO have delivered weapons to Ukraine increasingly deadlyZakharova recalled.

    “A Gesture of Desperation”

    He also pointed out that the use of these munitions, in the Middle East and in other parts of the world, has shown that the small bombs that are dispersed can remain on the ground without exploding for a long time and detonate once the conflict has ended. Washington”will fully share the responsibility of deaths caused by the explosions, including those of Russian and Ukrainian children,” the official added.

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    “The transfer of these submunitions is a gesture of desperation and a show of impotence in the face of the failure of the promoted Ukrainian ‘counteroffensive’. Another ‘miracle weapon’ that Washington and Kiev are betting on, regardless of the serious consequencesbut that will not have any effect on the special military operation [rusa]whose goals and objectives will be fully met,” the spokesperson concluded.

    • Cluster munitions, first used during World War II, can be used in rockets, bombs, missiles, and artillery shells. Once launched, they open in mid-flight, spreading many minibombs over a wide area.
    • Critics argue that, when dispersed, these submunitions can maim and kill civilians, compounded by the risk associated with unexploded projectileswhich represent a danger for years.
    • Due to the lethal incidence of these weapons in the civilian population, 123 countries adopted in 2008 a convention prohibiting the use of cluster bombs. 111 nations are part of the agreement, while only 12 are signatories.
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    Source: RT

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