NewsMore than 300 Haitian migrants detained after being stranded on a sailboat...

    More than 300 Haitian migrants detained after being stranded on a sailboat off the Florida coast

    Two people were taken to a local hospital to be treated for dehydration.

    A group of 300 Haitian migrants reached the coast of the Florida Keys (USA) on Saturday afternoon, after being stranded on a wooden sailboat near the coast of the gated community of Ocean Reef, authorities reported. .

    Agents rescued 113 migrantswho were examined for medical problems at the scene, while two people had to be taken to the local hospital to be treated for dehydration, detailed Walter Slosar, chief of the Miami Sector of the Border Patrol. Additionally, approximately 220 individuals who remained on board were “safely taken to shelter.”

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    Slosar also noted that officials are “trying to identify the smugglers who put these people on that boat” while also working to transfer the people aboard the boat to the “immigration process.”

    “We are working to keep them insurance, clean, fed Y healthy and identify exactly who they are and what they may or may not have brought into the country,” the agent said.

    According to local media, the migrants were seen at the Ocean Reef Country Club around 6:15 p.m., where dozens of people were sitting on a grassy area, some wrapped in white blankets or towels. A bus and security officers were also seen at the scene.

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    The rescue comes as the US Coast Guard continues its search for five missing Cuban migrants believed to be, along with 15 other migrants, in a “rustic” boat that capsized near Sugarloaf Key Island on Friday. The institution reported that two bodies were removed from the water and eight survivors were rescued.

    Source: RT

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