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    Turkey: rescue of American caver injured more than 1,000 meters deep has begun

    The American speleologist who suffered an abdominal hemorrhage while exploring a sinkhole more than 1,000 meters deep in Turkey is being brought to the surface.

    The American caver who fell ill nine days ago at a depth of more than 1,000 meters in a chasm in Turkey has largely been reassembled, announced the Turkish Speleology Federation.

    “Mark is about to reach -300 meters,” the Turkish Speleology Federation said this morning on the social network X (ex-Twitter).

    Mark Dickey, 40, suffered an abdominal hemorrhage while exploring the Morca cave system (south) with an international team.

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    “I’m going to need help.”

    On Saturday September 2, a member of the expedition had already given the alert: Mark Dickey was then at a depth of 1040 meters.

    Four days later, the American explained in a video, pale and warmly dressed, that he needed “serious help” to return to the surface.

    “Hello I’m Mark Dickey (…). As you can see, I’m standing, conscious, talking, but I’m not healed yet and I’m going to need some serious help to get out of here” , he said.

    More than 150 trained rescuers, divided into about 20 teams from Turkey and abroad, came to help him, according to the Turkish Speleology Federation.

    “The Turkish government’s quick response to provide the medical help I needed I think saved my life,” he said.

    Feeling for a time “very close to the end”, Mark Dickey was finally able to receive blood bags for transfusion from the emergency services.

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    Morca Chasm is Turkey’s third-deepest cave on the Taseli Plateau, in a hard-to-reach mountainous region of southern Mersin province.

    Source: BFM TV

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