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    Riots: Iran calls on France to “end the violent treatment” of its population

    Foreign Ministry reacts to riots in France by asking law enforcement to ‘show restraint’, months after accusing Emmanuel Macron of ‘interference’ when he expressed support for Iranian protesters .

    Iran on Sunday called on the French government to “end the violent treatment” of its population and to “show restraint” in the crisis caused by the death of Nahel, 17, a young man killed by a policeman.

    “We recommend that the French government and the police pay heed to protesters’ demands while showing restraint and avoiding any violence,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said in a tweet.

    “The French government must put an end to the violent treatment of its population by respecting the principles of human dignity, freedom of expression and the right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully,” he insisted.

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    Iranians urged to avoid traveling to France

    For the spokesperson, “the discriminatory relations with the immigrant population and the avoidance of accepting and correcting bad behavior towards them by certain European countries have created unfavorable conditions for European citizens, including in France “.

    The ministry further called on Iranians to avoid “making non-essential trips to France in the context of the current crisis”.

    The Iranian media give a lot of space to the wave of violence triggered in many cities in France by the death of young Nahel, killed by a policeman on Tuesday in Nanterre during a road check.

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    Words that come just a few months after the Mahsa Kanani affair

    The Iranian authorities had strongly criticized the solidarity of European countries with the protest movement which seized Iran in the fall after the death of Mahsa Amini, arrested for non-compliance with the very strict dress code imposed on women in Iran.

    On October 14, Nasser Kanani had thus denounced the “interference” of President Emmanuel Macron who had expressed his support for the demonstrators. It is “surprising” that France condemns the Iranian security forces who had to deal with “violent people and rioters”, the spokesman said.

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    Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands arrested during this protest movement in Iran.

    Source: BFM TV

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