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    Reform of justice in Israel: “The hardness of heart and the deafness of power”

    On the front page of the press, this Tuesday, July 25, the violent fires which ravage the forests of several regions of northern Algeria, also affected by the heat wave. The reactions, in Israel, to the adoption, yesterday, by the Knesset, of a first part of the very controversial reform of justice. The controversy, in France, over the placement in pre-trial detention of a police officer accused of violence. And football (male and female).

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    On the front page of the press, the violent fires which ravage the forests of several regions of northern Algeria, also affected by the heat wave.

    The official daily El Mujahid, takes up the latest assessment, made public yesterday: 34 dead, including ten soldiers. President Abdelmajid Tebboune promises “the absolute solidarity of the state” and the opening of investigations into the causes of these fires. El Mujahidwhich also mentions, this morning, the protests of Algeria, after the burnings of the Koran which took place in Sweden and Denmark.

    El Watan announces 194 injuries in total and 1,500 people evacuated. According to the newspaper, civil security remains on alert in several towns in the north and east, Bejaïa, Boumerdès, Tizi Ouzou and Skkida, in particular.

    Also in the headlines are the reactions in Israel to the adoption yesterday by the Knesset of the first part of the highly controversial justice reform. The cancellation of the “reasonableness” clause seems to galvanize the opponents of this reform, who clashed violently yesterday with the police. The Jerusalem Post speaks of “a dark day” for the Israeli nation and presents yesterday’s vote as a “failure” for the government of Benyamin Netanyahu, as an expression of its “hubris”, of its excess, of his “hardness of heart” and his “deafness” in the face of the cry of half the country. But “the democratic camp has not yet lost hope”, assures Ha’aretzwhich denounces a “crushing of the rule of law” and a “fatal attack on the separation of powers”.

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    According to The Washington Postthe Israeli right turn embarrasses many American ally Joe Biden, who “struggles” with the response to oppose the actions of Benjamin Netanyahu, to whom he would have sent, in recent days, “unusually clear signals of discontent”. But Joe Biden’s criticisms don’t sit well with the wall street journalwho believes that “compromise is the only way for the Israelis to get out of trouble”, and that the intervention of the American president “is not necessary”. The daily maintains that this reform will also “probably not make as much difference as its supporters and opponents claim”..

    The separation of powers, which is also discussed here in France, where the boss of the national police sparked the controversy by criticizing the remand in custody of a policeman accused of violence, on the sidelines of the urban riots, at the beginning of the month. These criticisms provoke the anger of part of the opposition, but also of the magistrates. Asked by Le Parisien/Today in Francethe president of the National Council of the Bars of France denounces him, remarks “rather staggering” and suggesting, according to him, “that a separate law should be created” for the police.

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    The daily Release is very angry with Emmanuel Macron, who said yesterday, since his trip to New Caledonia, “to understand the emotion of the police who felt they had been confronted with extreme violence”, while considering that in the Republic “no one is above the law”. Freed accuses the president of “aligning himself with the position of the director of the police”, considers that “the balance of the ‘at the same time’ Macronian is not there” and that the head of state is even “of a dangerous hemiplegia”, on the subject of the police.

    Declaring that the “lesson” he draws from the riots of the beginning of the month is “order, order, order”, the president does not convince Le Figaro who considers him too “evasive about the riots”. “It is not enough to say ‘order, order, order’ from Noumea for the disorder to evaporate, (because) nothing has been decided to prevent, at the first spark, the inevitable return of ‘difficulties'”, assures the newspaper.

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    We don’t leave each other on this. In the polemical section, again, but in a lighter register, how the sidelining of Kylian Mbappe at PSG whets the appetites of several clubs. According to The Team, the Parisian club has accepted an offer from the Saudi club Al-Hilal, which offers the modest record sum of 300 million euros. For the moment, Mbappe has not spoken, nor has he said a word about the rumors of Barca proposals. According to brand, Barcelona ‘deny’ however ‘have any interest’ in the player. The Spanish sports newspaper confirms, on the other hand, that the Saudis have the authorization of the Qataris to discuss with Mbappe.

    Far, far away from PSG and the astronomical Saudi offers, the FIFA Women’s World Cup has begun, and the German footballers made a strong impression for their entry into the running in Group Hbeating the Moroccans 6 to 0. “Traumstart” (“Dream beginnings”), rejoices The Tagesspiegel. The Atlas Lionesses, who yesterday took their very first steps in the final phase of the World Cup, do not intend to give up, according to the 360 ​​Morocco websitewhich announces that the Atlas Lionesses will face South Korea on July 30 in Adelaide for their next outing.

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