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    Israeli Experts unable to Save Diplomat behind Clandestine Israeli-Sudan Ties

    During the Israeli-Arab crisis of June 1967, Sudan took arms up against Israel. However, at the beginning of the 1970s, she soon changed her position and began taking steps which gave the impression she could cope with the Camp David Agreements.

    Relationship between Israel and Sudan has been unfriendly, with Israel accusing Sudan of functioning as a conduit for the supply of Iranian weapons to Hamas in Gaza.

    Sudan has made it clear it would never regularize relations with Israel and condemns Israel for air raids on military facilities located within Sudan.

    The Times of Israel reports that Israel dispatched an airplane to Sudan in desperate effort to save the life of a foreign diplomat battling with COVID-19. This diplomat is the same little-known personality credited with stage-managing Sudan’s secret official link Israel.

    Najwa Gadaheldam succumbed to the cold hands of death less than a whole day after contracting the dreaded COVID-19.

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    The Israeli airplane touched down in Khartoum on Tuesday conveying senior officials involved in ties with Sudan medical staff and equipment, after getting informed of her illness. The medical mission had planned to move Gadaheldam to Israel for urgent medical attention, but their arrival was not early enough, because she was already in a critical condition.

    Both Sudan and Israel have officially been at loggerheads, and the narrative would not have been public, if the airplane had not been spotted via flight monitoring websites due to its unexpected flight direction.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during Sunday’s cabinet meeting told ministers that he had had a telephone conversation with Sudanese leader, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, to express his deepest holiday wishes ahead of Eid El-Fitri that celebrates the close of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

    Also, Channel 13 TV suggests that Gadaheldam’s depreciating health condition was possibly discussed during the telephone conversation between the two national leaders.

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    On Wednesday, the television station reported that serving as Al-Burhan’s Political Adviser, Gadaheldam had been a very important personality behind the growing, secret relations between Jerusalem and Khartoum which reached its crescendo in February when a live meeting between the Sudanese leader and Netanyahu was held in Uganda.

    Netanyahu dubbed the meeting with Al-Burhan an important success in foreign relations ahead of the elections expected to come to be conducted in March, he also said Sudan and Israel were discussing a fast regularization of relations at the time.

    In another development, Sudan’s cabinet said Al-Burhan had made no promise of regularizing relations with Israel‘s Prime Minister and he referred to the meeting as a personal scheme.

    Soon after the meeting, Israeli airplanes were allowed to access Sudanese airspace.

    Sudan, an old associate of the Arab league has lent her voice with other member states in criticizing the President Trump government’s plan for the Middle East, with the Palestinians complaining the plan is heavily scripted to favor Israel.

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    In an attempt to restructure the Sudanese economy, the new government in Khartoum is also devising strategies to get U.S sanctions against her to be cancelled.

    Technically, Israel is having a war with Sudan, which is known to have offered support to die-hard Islamist groups such as Al-Qaeda, during the regime of former President Omar Al-Bashir.

    Al-Bashir was overthrown in a 2019 military coup and pro-democracy protests. Since then, Al-Burhan has been the head of the traditional council governing Sudan.

    Also, i24 News corroborates the assertion that Gadaheldam was the secret link fostering relations between the two countries who are believed to be sworn enemies. It further stated that an Israeli medical team and equipment were sent to Sudan earlier this week in a bid to save the life of Gadaheldam.

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