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    In Israel, protesters remain mobilized after the adoption of a measure of judicial reform

    Thousands of demonstrators gathered late Monday night in the streets of several Israeli cities to denounce the adoption of an amendment to the justice reform bill. Clashes with the police were recorded.

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    The approval by the Knesset of a key measure of the judicial reform project, which increases the power of elected officials in relation to magistrates, was denounced in the streets of Israel on Monday 24 July.

    As for months, demonstrations against the reform took place in different cities of the country. Thousands of people took to the streets, blocking roads and opposing law enforcement.

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    “We have to keep protesting and putting pressure on with the hope that they won’t continue,” Danny Akerman, 52, who works in high-tech, told AFP after the vote.

    “I hope the government will hear what is happening in the streets (…), and maybe something will happen,” added Josh Hakim, a student.

    The night from Monday to Tuesday was particularly tense. In Jerusalem, the police dispersed with water cannons hundreds of people who were blocking the entrance to the Parliament in Jerusalem. Similarly, the roads entering the city were blocked in the evening, reports France 24 correspondent Claire Duhamel.

    Police attempted to evacuate protesters who were blocking roads in Tel Aviv. In Kfar Saba, north of Tel Aviv, a man ran into protesters.

    At least 19 people were arrested on Monday, Israeli police said.

    Since its announcement in January, the justice reform bill has sparked one of the biggest protests in Israel’s history, which intensified as the vote approached.

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    Source: France 24

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