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    “I no longer had a choice”: two Afghan women welcomed in France talk about their journey

    A few days after their arrival in France, Naveen Hashim and Muzghan Feraji described the conditions that pushed them to leave Afghanistan.

    A call for more “attention”. Five Afghan women, who passed through Pakistan before obtaining a visa for France, landed in Paris on Monday afternoon. Two of them spoke this Friday evening on BFMTV, asking the government to be concerned about the fate of women who, like them, “no longer have the choice” to leave their country after the Taliban came to power in summer 2021.

    “Before the arrival of the Taliban, Afghans had hope for the future but that has collapsed. There is no freedom of expression. The Taliban react violently and do not know how to behave “, launched Muzghan Feraji, former television presenter.

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    “I was threatened with death”

    The five women, helped by the “Accueillir les Afghanes” association, were alone and held positions of responsibility before leaving Afghanistan, which is why they were threatened.

    Naveen Hashim, a former NGO researcher, arrived in Pakistan in April 2021, as the Taliban was expanding its influence in the country. “When the Taliban came to power, I was already threatened with death. I no longer had a choice,” she confided.

    According to her, the difficulties faced by women go back further, but the situation has gotten worse. “From the beginning, the situation of women has never been ideal. We had to fight and arrive at situations step by step. We could work and be active on changes. Today, we don’t even have the right to go outside without being accompanied,” she lamented.

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    She then took the example of clothing imposed in the Islamic theocracy: “At the time, I was free to dress the way I wanted, and after the arrival of the Taliban I did not have the choice, not even colors. I no longer have the right to make choices for my life, I can’t stand it.”

    “increased attention”

    Having just arrived, the two women say they are grateful to France which put an end to long months of wandering in Pakistan, looking for a visa in a Western country.

    A year after the fall of Kabul, what is life like under Taliban rule?

    “I wanted to thank the French government,” said Muzghan Feraji. “I have just arrived and I hope there will be increased attention to Afghan women.”

    The Afghan journalist thus asked the government “to be more attentive to Afghan women in difficult situations, directly threatened.”

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    For his part, Naveen Hashim wants to learn French and help women in Pakistan and Iran by providing his knowledge of international law.

    Source: BFM TV

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