NewsMass protest against art generated by artificial intelligence shakes one of the...

    Mass protest against art generated by artificial intelligence shakes one of the largest artist platforms

    Many ArtStation users criticize the platform for allowing images created by artificial intelligence, claiming that this threatens the livelihood of those who work creating art.

    The images created by artificial intelligence (AI) on the digital platform ArtStation have caused artists from all over the world to unite in a mass protest in which they have replaced their works with a publication that reads: “No to AI-generated images”reports Kotaku.

    Artists from all over the world have expressed their anger against ArtStation, one of the largest platforms for the publication of works of art. The complaints fall especially in the area of ​​​​video games, by allowing images generated by AI, since they see it as a threat to their way of life because work creating art.

    The protest, launched by illustrator Nicholas Kole and costume designer Imogen Chayes on Monday, demands the ban on AI generated works on the ArtStation platform. In that sense, hundreds of artists replaced their artwork with an image created by Alexander Nanitchkov that says: “No to AI-generated images.”

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    One of the artists and users of ArtStation, Dan Eder, express on Twitter his disgust arguing that it is a “disrespect” placing a piece of art that took hundreds of hours, and years of expertise to complete, together with an AI-generated image in a rapid manner.

    On the other hand, ArtStation has created even more controversy among users with its response to these criticisms. Those responsible for the platform declared on Wednesday that they do not want to change its terms at the cost of stifling AI research and commercialization, adding that “artist decisions and copyright law are respected.”

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    The reactions of the artists did not wait and thousands of them replicated the ArtStation statement on Twitter, thus showing the disappointment and anger for the company’s response to protests calling for a ban on jobs done with AI.

    “How can you care more about not upsetting the ‘tech brothers’ than protect the work of real artists on your platform?” read one of the tweets.

    To display works on ArtStation, users’ portfolios must display artistic creations made by themselves. But despite the company’s claim that its platform is designed to “elevate and celebrate the originality driven by a community of artists“, these indicate that the recent announcement and the absence of a policy that restricts the images generated by AI demonstrate the ambiguity on the subject.

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    “Well, all the hopes I had for ArtStation to take off as the next best platform for artists to build community are now gone,” another ArtStation user tweeted.

    Source: RT

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