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    “March for peace”: The commitment of the ruling party in Peru to counter opposition protests

    The National Police sparked a controversy by promoting a “march for peace.”

    President Dina Boluarte called on her followers to hold a demonstration on Tuesday to repudiate the violence that the country has suffered in recent weeks, despite the fact that the repressions, which have already left a balance of at least 22 deadThey have been carried out by the Government itself.

    “National March for Peace”, is the name with which the ruling party baptized a call that aims to counteract the massive protests that have broken out since Boluarte began to govern, on December 7, and in which citizens demand the resignation of the president, the dissolution of Congress and early elections.

    In fact, the opposition marches will resume on Wednesday. For this reason, with its own demonstration on Tuesday, the Government wants to show that it has broad support that is denied by the polls.

    The pro-government march preceded the strong controversy that the National Police provoked by promoting the mobilization, since this contravenes the constitutional norm that prevents the Security forces from participating in protests.

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    “This Tuesday, January 3, we invite you to be part of this great march for La Paz that will take place in the main squares of cities nationwide. Likewise, in Lima, the concentration point will be in Campo de Marte and to Plaza San Martin”, indicated the message that the institution published on social networks.

    The former head of the Directorate Against Terrorism, Oscar Arriola Delgado, a general who this week will take over as director of Criminal Investigation of the National Police, also joined the call.

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    “Peruvian brothers, we invite you to the great national march for peace that will take place this Tuesday, January 3 at three pm throughout Peru, in Lima it will be in the Campo de Marte, Not one more drop of blood, not one more wounded Peruvian, no to violence“said Arriola Delgado in a video that he posted on his social networks.

    He also called on the “brothers of all the churches, merchants, workers, housewives, relatives, transporters, workers, teachers and students to put on a white garment” to show their adherence to the mobilization. “Simply march calmly and with the expression of wanting peace for our Peru in order to develop,” he added.

    After the controversy escalated, the National Police he had to delete the call that he had publishedbut the criticism continued due to the violence with which the Security forces have acted, something that the president does not recognize, who blames the opposition.

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    “There is a group of people who want peace and are going to march for peace in Peru (…) let us embrace together those of us who want to march peacefully, to meet again among men and women who truly love Peru,” said Boluarte on last Friday.

    Dina Boluarte travels to Cusco to initiate dialogues with regions in the face of social protests

    The president took the opportunity to criticize the opposition marches that will resume on Wednesday.

    “Is that going to help reactivate tourism in Cusco? Is that going to reactivate the economy in Puno, in Arequipa? What are we going to achieve? Why can’t we send messages that Cusco is safe so that tourists can keep coming back?” he questioned.

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    Source: RT

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