NewsMaduro proposes three special economic zones with China in the coastal axis...

    Maduro proposes three special economic zones with China in the coastal axis of Venezuela

    The president detailed that the SEZs will be linked to the development of the Chinese provinces of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Shandong.

    The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced the upcoming creation of at least three Special Economic Zones (EEZ) with China in strategic regions located along the Venezuelan Caribbean coast, a plan that must be placed as a priority to advance the economic agenda. of his country.

    In your program’With Maduro +‘, broadcast on Monday nights, the Venezuelan president shared details of his recent tour of China and commented that the three SEZs will be located in the states: Carabobo, with influence in the west of the country; in La Guaira, with impact on the central and capital region; and in Anzoategui and Monagaswhich permeates the eastern area.

    Regarding this ambitious plan, which It would allow Venezuela to also export to ChinaMaduro announced that in the coming weeks they will begin business rounds with the province of Shenzhen, to generate and debate agreements on the development of the EEZ between La Guaira and that Chinese town, which would help the South American country to improve its development in different areas. keys such as health, technology, science, education, among others.

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    The president highlighted that Shenzhen is the largest exporter in the Asian country with an annual average of 798,000 million dollars, and also imports about 447,000 million dollars annually. In addition, he commented that the city has extremely advanced companies that could give Venezuela the opportunity to have the “great technological zone of Latin America and the Caribbean.”

    Carabobo – Shanghai

    The Venezuelan president commented that another important EEZ for his country is the one between the state of Carabobo and the Chinese province of Shanghai. Furthermore, he highlighted that in That town is consolidated the main axis of Chinese financial developmenthaving an annual average of exports of 256,000 million dollars and imports of over 371,000 million dollars.

    For this reason, he indicated that this SEZ must work on designing “an accelerated plan” that is a priority on the Venezuelan economic agenda. In that sense, he commented that the Shanghai authorities invited Venezuela to participate in the import fair which will take place next November.

    We must prepare to do twinninga relationship between investors and importers from Shanghai with the state of Carabobo,” said Maduro, who highlighted that this state is also an extremely important industrial region for the South American nation.

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    In addition, the Venezuelan president ordered the governor of that entity, Rafael Lacava, and the head of the neighboring state of Cojedes, Alberto Galindez, to establish lines to export tons of avocado, mango, coffee to Chinaamong other items.

    Meanwhile, Maduro announced that, as part of the first actions to link the Carabobo – Shanghai EEZ, in the coming days will create an office of economic and commercial development of Venezuela in that Chinese provinceas well as an office from the state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) to establish plans for industrial development, investments and energy cooperation, which will be supported by the Venezuelan consulate in the Asian country.

    Food sector

    Meanwhile, the Venezuelan Head of State announced that he will soon activate a SEZ dedicated to food production and that will operate in the states of Anzoategui and Monagasand which will be linked to the Chinese province of Shandong.

    “Shandong exports 307 billion dollars annually to the world, it is the fourth largest exporter in China, and imports 195 billion dollars of bicoca, It is a powerful province“Maduro highlighted.

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    Based on this data, he said, it was decided “to resume and re-promote the twinning of Shandong, a powerful province in northeastern China, with the Anzoategui and Monagas states,” above all, for the “potential” that both locations have to establish the EEZ for food production in eastern Venezuela.

    Venezuela and China elevate relationship to a "strategic partnership": the key areas of Maduro and Xi Jinping

    Maduro said he agreed with the Shandong authorities hold a business round soon to bring Chinese capital to Venezuela interested in investing in technology for agricultural production. For this reason, instructed to prepare a work plan that allows “developing projects” attractive to Chinese businessmen, which boost the economic sector linked to food.

    “We are going to articulate Chinese investment, technology in machinery, in equipment, so that they come to strengthen productive capacity in Venezuelan lands and take food production to the highest level, in addition to consolidating national supply and ensuring that Venezuela becomes a food exporting power,” Maduro added.

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    Source: RT

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