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    Macron says he “does not have to apologize” to Algeria for its colonization

    “The worst thing would be to conclude that we ask for forgiveness and each one follows his own path,” said the French president.

    French President Emmanuel Macron declared that he “does not have to apologize” to Algeria for the period in which the country was a French colony.

    “I don’t have to apologize, that’s not the point. The word would break the ties. I will not apologize to Algeria“, said the president during an interview with Le Point, published this Wednesday. “The worst thing would be to conclude that we ask for forgiveness and each one follows his own path,” he said.

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    In this context, Macron called French history “looking straight ahead” and recognizing that “there is something unspeakable” or even “unforgivable”. “The ability to face this story within the framework of a healthy Franco-Algerian relationship is the possibility of creating a normal and fruitful bilateral relationship with the African continent,” he stressed.

    In addition, the president indicated that he hopes to see “the real desire” of his Algerian counterpart, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to start a new stage in bilateral relations between both countries. France expects the Algerian leader to visit Paris in 2023, Macron said.

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    It should be remembered that in August 2022 Macron paid a visit to Algeria in an attempt to normalize relations between Paris and Algiers, which have often been tense after the African country achieved independence in 1962.

    In October, the two countries signed a series of agreements to cooperate in different areas. Among the documents signed were a declaration of intent in the field of tourism; a letter of intent in the field of the knowledge economy, innovation and entrepreneurship; a declaration of intent on work and employment; a cooperation agreement in the field of agriculture, rural development and the agri-food industry; another declaration of intent on industrial and technological cooperation and other documents in the fields of economy, trade, human rights and culture.

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    Source: RT

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