NewsLula accuses Bolsonaro of using the trip to Isabel II's funeral as...

    Lula accuses Bolsonaro of using the trip to Isabel II’s funeral as a campaign tool

    The current president arrived in London on Sunday morning and addressed his supporters from the Brazilian Embassy assuring that he would win in the first round.

    Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, former Brazilian president and the favorite for the October elections, has accused the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, of taking advantage of his trip to the United Kingdom to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II for campaign purposes, reports Globo.

    “No one has invited him [a Bolsonaro] to travel, nobody wants to come here [a Brasil]. Later offered to go to the funeral of the queen of England,” Lula said during a campaign rally in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis.

    Lula vs.  Bolsonaro: the strategies of the two Brazilian colossi that will be measured in the elections

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    The Workers’ Party candidate suggested that Bolsonaro expected to meet heads of state on the site, “but he had to make a speech on the balcony of the Brazilian Embassy” in London, which he used to criticize the left.

    Lula asked if it would not have been better to have visited families who lost loved ones to the covid-19.

    Bolsonaro, who arrived in London on Sunday morning, addressed his supporters from the Brazilian Embassy and assured that he would win in the first round of the general elections on October 2, despite having a significant handicap in the polls against Lula.

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    According to the latest survey by the Intelligence Institute for Research and Strategic Consulting (Ipec), Lula would obtain the 46% of the votes while Bolsonaro, supported by the Liberal Party, would reach the 31%which represents an advantage of 15 points.

    Another renowned polling firm, Datafolhawhich carried out its study between September 8 and 9, awards Lula the Four. Five % of the intention to vote and the 3. 4 % to Bolsonaro.

    No study expects any surprises from the rest of the candidates, who remain far below.

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    Source: RT

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