NewsLopez Obrador's 'Plan C' to carry out his electoral reform in Mexico

    Lopez Obrador’s ‘Plan C’ to carry out his electoral reform in Mexico

    The Mexican president indicated that the decision of a magistrate to suspend his ‘plan b’ only has a “commercial” interest.

    The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, assured this Monday that he has a “Plan C” to make the electoral reform proposed by his Government effective, and with which he seeks to lower the high salaries that public officials receive.

    “There is a plan C, which don’t be thinking that it’s all over“, said the Mexican president, who explained that this strategy is simple and consists of the people not giving “not a single vote” to the conservative bloc.

    “That is plan C, we already applied it in 2018 [ano en que gano la presidencia de Mexico]. It was the people who said ‘enough!’ and the transformation began: to put an end to corruption, which is the country’s main problem, and we have made a lot of progress cleaning the government of corruption, from top to bottom, like cleaning the stairs,” Lopez Obrador added at a morning press conference.

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    The president referred to the decision made by a magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico last Friday, to suspend the so-called ‘Plan B’ of the president, which proposes a series of changes in the National Electoral Institute (INE), especially , the reduction of the high salaries that the officials of that state agency receive.

    Lopez Obrador said that he would challenge the decision because he considers that the judge “exceeded, exceeded” and usurped powers of the Legislative Power, because he decided to annul a decision that had already been made by the representatives of the Mexican parliament.

    The important thing is to know why they act like this (…) It is not a legal matter, it is a political matter, and I would say commercial, because what they do not want is not even for the law to be approved or for the electoral law to be declared constitutional, what they do not want is for the salaries of senior INE officials are reduced, that’s what it all comes down to,” added the president, after recalling that based on the Constitution, no one can earn more than the head of state.

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    “A True Democracy”

    For the president, both the judge who issued the sentence against ‘Plan B’, as well as others who are in the judicial branch, are officials linked to economic and political power groups of the conservative oligarchy, and, furthermore, flagrantly violate the Mexican Constitution because “everyone earns more than the president of the RepublicThey have trusts and they bend the laws.”

    "They are from the power mafia": Lopez Obrador, on the Supreme Court after the suspension of 'Plan B'

    “The essence, the background, is that they do not want the salaries of high officials to be reduced, that is all,” Lopez Obrador reiterated. In the same way, he pointed out that his government will continue through the legal path to achieve electoral reform, so that “an authentic democracy and not an oligarchy of powerful people” can be created.

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    However, he insisted that if that state apparatus finally rejects the reform and manages to suspend it, that is when ‘Plan C’ will begin at the hands of the people, just like the “transformation” that began with his government and that is based on ” the balance of powers” and respect for an “authentic rule of law”.

    “Not like before, what what there was was a crooked statea simulated republic, a minority was the one that ruled in Mexico,” he said.

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    Source: RT

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