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    Lopez Obrador could veto his ‘plan B’ in electoral matters after the changes made by Congress

    A few hours ago, the Mexican Senate approved the package of electoral reforms that the president sent to the Legislature on December 6 and whose final ratification depends on him.

    The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, warned this Thursday that he could veto the electoral reform if the Chamber of Deputies does not abolish the so-called ‘eternal life clause’ for satellite parties, approved in the Senate.

    “If they don’t improve it in the Chamber [de Diputados]this happens to me and I think it is a contradiction and that it does affect, as the comrade says, I veto it, even if everything is invalidated. Above the principles, nothing,” said Lopez Obrador during his morning conference.

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    On Wednesday, the Mexican Senate approved with 69 votes in favor and 53 against the set of electoral modifications sent by the president to Congress, also called ‘plan B’. The project must be discussed a second time in the Chamber of Deputies, after undergoing modification in the Upper House. If it is endorsed by legislators, it may be referred to the Executive Branch, which has the power to veto its approval or publish it, as it deems.

    controversial clause

    Among the main criticisms of the electoral reform project is the so-called ‘eternal life clause’.

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    At the proposal of Senator Israel Zamora, of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), the wording of article 12, numeral 2, of the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures was maintained, which stipulates that the parties that go in alliance will be able to receive the suffrages from their partnersthrough the “transfer of votes”.

    In this way, the current law would be changed, which establishes that “in no case may voting be transferred or distributed through a coalition agreement.” Currently, the parties face the risk of disappearing in case of not adding 3% of the votes in an election federal.

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    The controversial section would benefit parties with few votersAs the PVEM, who was previously an ally of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and is now a partner of the ruling party Morena. He would also help Labor Party (PT)Morenista associate in Congress.

    Regarding this issue, President Lopez Obrador said: “Contrary to what our adversaries think, I am not a cacique. If I consider it, I can veto it, if it is a matter of principle, I do it, because we are authentic democrats, not fakes “.

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    Source: RT

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