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    Lopez Obrador celebrates the 5th anniversary of his electoral victory in the Zocalo in Mexico City

    The AMLO Fest 2023 brought together more than 250,000 people.

    The Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, celebrated this Saturday the 5th anniversary of his electoral victory in the Zocalo of Mexico City, before more than 250,000 spectators.

    During the AMLO Fest 2023, which also brought together several governors and officials from different states of the country championed by the ruling Morena party, the president commented that the transformation has created a conservative opposition that does not accept that “now it is governed for all and all and not just for the benefit of a minority”.

    Regarding the situation of violence in Mexico, Lopez Obrador denied that the country is being militarized and defended his security strategy. “Instead of militarizing the country, we are leaving the message that the soldiers are the uniformed people. Now the people are not repressed and massacres are not ordered, there is no torture,” he declared.

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    “Our strategy is working well with the criteria that peace is the fruit of justice, theft has dropped 17%. The Secretary of National Defense and the Navy (SEDENA) have been our great supporters not only in security, but also in civil protection, customs, strategic facilities,” he said.

    In the same way, the head of the Executive Branch affirmed that during this administration not only will Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) be rescued, but also the inter-municipal trains will return. “At the end of my term we will leave nearly 3,000 kilometers of railway lines running, in March we will finish the AIFA suburban train to Buenavista.”

    Likewise, he reiterated that the Mayan Train will be inaugurated: “In December it will be inaugurated, we are going to inaugurate the Mayan Train with 20 stations, towns will be connected and tourists from the world will be transported quickly with 5 southeastern states.”

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    “It is a sign of pride to be able to say to the four winds, from the main square of the republic, that our movement is stronger than ever. That there is a vast majority supporting the fourth transformation of public life in Mexico,” he asserted.

    Source: RT

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