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    Lopez Obrador calls the Supreme Court judge a “retrograde” for stopping the distribution of textbooks

    The president criticized the quick process with which the minister dealt with the issue and issued his decision.

    The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, called the minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Luis Maria Aguilar, a “retrograde” for suspending the distribution of the new free textbooks from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in the states of Chihuahua and Coahuila.

    He has a conservative thoughtretrograde, is against us, against the transformation, but he is not a good judge,” said the Mexican president during his morning press conference on Wednesday.

    Along these lines, he questioned the motivations that in his opinion the togado would have to issue the controversial resolution: “Who does the minister work for? Does he care that the children have books, that they have textbooks? Is he thinking of If the children run out of books, their parents don’t have enough to buy books? Are you thinking that all books are good, that books can’t be banned, much less destroyed? Has he already read the books or does he think they are books to inject communism?“Lopez Obrador wondered.

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    The president said that “even if they get upset” they will continue to denounce this type of action and will seek a way to renew the judiciary. He described the Supreme Court as an instrument that prevents “justice” in the country.

    expedited resolution

    Lopez Obrador recalled that this issue received a fairly agile treatment in the SCJN. In the case of Chihuahua, he indicated that the government of that entity presented the controversy before the agency on August 4; five days later she was assigned to Aguilar and he, two days later, admitted her and granted the suspension, stopping the delivery of books.

    “Why wasn’t another minister sent to him? […] It is sent to Aguilar and two days later Aguilar resolves it, paralyzing the delivery of books. It took a week, five business days“, he expressed.

    "Retrograde and medieval": Lopez Obrador condemns the burning of textbooks days before the return to school

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    Likewise, regarding Coahuila, it indicated that the controversy was presented before the SCJN on August 16 and that same day it was registered. Two days later, it was also assigned to Aguilar, who admitted and granted the suspension in record time.

    “How many days did it take? Three business days”said the president, referring to the fact that between August 18 and 21 was a weekend and, therefore, they were not working days for the judicial system.

    Lopez Obrador commented that the Federation’s fiscal attorney, Felix Arturo Medina, denounced on Tuesday that, in contrast, Aguilar has had a file in his hands for eight months on “a company that owes the Public Treasury” around 25,000 million pesos (just over 1,487 million dollars) for 13 years.

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    The file has been stored in the minister’s desk drawer for eight months Luis Maria Aguilar Morales”, denounced the president.


    The controversy over these books arose because the partisan and media opposition accused the Government of wanting to “ideologize” minors with supposed “communist” premises that threaten the family.

    In addition to going to Justice, in some parts of the country the books were burned, and fathers and mothers have marched to reject the study material.

    In this regard, on Tuesday, Lopez Obrador considered that the fathers and mothers who reject or have burned the books are victims of misinformation.

    “They have the right to demonstrate, nothing more than they are not right. They demonstrate thinking that they are indoctrinated with books and are injected with ‘the virus of communism’. Well, they are totally uninformed and manipulated and they should not lend themselves,” he said.

    Source: RT

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