Newslaughter, cholulismo and "ready to box"

    laughter, cholulismo and “ready to box”

    “We have grown with your films.” With those words – of high cholulo content – Pope Francis received the renowned American actor and filmmaker at the Vatican. Sylvester Stallone (77), who came with his entire family to a meeting marked by good humor. Together, the highest authority of the Catholic Church and the Hollywood celebrity, until they dared to stand on their fists.

    World famous for playing characters like “Rocky” and “Rambo”Stallone traveled to Italy to receive honorary citizenshipfrom Gioia del Colle, a town in Puglia where Frank, his father, was born.

    In this context, he took the opportunity to visit the Argentine pontiff, accompanied by his wife Jennifer, his three daughters and his brother Frank.

    After the welcome greetings, the actor looked into his eyes and thanked him for receiving them: “Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy day. We really preciate this.“.

    Stallone and Francisco joked about the films that brought the actor to stardom. Reuters Photo

    “For me it is an honor. We have grown up with your films”returned to the Pope.

    The New York native smiled gratefully and, in response, joked, clenching his fists: “Ready to box?”. The gesture was copied by Francis, according to the broadcast images around the site Vatican News .

    Stallone, who had already been to the Vatican last year when he was able to visit the Sistine Chel, is recognized worldwide as one of the main action movie actors from Hollywood.

    Welcome greeting and handshake in the Vatican.  Photo: ReutersWelcome greeting and handshake in the Vatican. Photo: Reuters

    With the first film of the Rocky saga, in 1976, he obtained three Oscar nominationsin the categories of best actor, best film and best script.

    Additionally, in 2016, he won the Golden Globe for best supporting actor for the role of Rocky Balboa in the spin-off of the saga, Creed (2015), in addition to being nominated for an Oscar in the same category.

    Recognition of Sylvester Stallone in Italy

    Already away from the big screen, Stallone traveled to Italy to receive the keys and the honorary citizenship of Gioia del Colle in Bari, the town in the south of the country. from which her grandparents left for the United States.

    In the midst of the recognition, the actor came out to celebrate frent a crowd to the balcony of the City Hall with a scarf of the football club from Bari.

    The Pope, along with Stallone and his entire family who accompanied him in the audience.  Photo: EFEThe Pope, along with Stallone and his entire family who accompanied him in the audience. Photo: EFE

    “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky”roared the audience, like at the end of one of his most famous films.

    “I am very proud to be a part of such a beautiful and strong population. One hundred years ago my father left this city, but he worked here before and this is the key to his barbershop“, he highlighted, showing the relic to the citizens.

    Michele Emiliano, former mayor of Bari and current president of the Puglia region, was present at the event and praised their presence in a Twitter post accompanied by photos of the emotional moment.

    Source: Clarin

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