NewsLatin AmericaThousands in Argentina repudiate controversial tribute to guerrilla victims

    Thousands in Argentina repudiate controversial tribute to guerrilla victims

    Thousands of people repudiated this Monday in Buenos Aires a controversial tribute to victims of “terrorism” by leftist guerrilla organizations, promoted by the candidate for vice president Victoria Villarruel, running mate of the far-right Javier Milei for the October 22 elections.

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    The event, held in the Golden Hall of the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, was repudiated by the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, unions and left-wing political parties for considering it “denier” of State terrorism during the last dictatorship (1976- 1983).

    “Human Rights are for everyone,” Villarruel said through the social network

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    The event paid tribute to the victims of the guerrilla in the turbulent years that preceded the coup d’etat on March 24, 1976 that inaugurated the civil-military dictatorship in Argentina, which in seven years left some 30,000 missing, according to human rights organizations. .

    “For 40 years the victims of terrorism were disappeared from memory and swept under the carpet of history, they were denied,” Villarruel said at the event. “We can’t keep looking to the side,” he added.

    According to its detractors, the tribute sought to revive the so-called “theory of the two demons”, which equates the acts of the guerrilla with terrorism carried out by the State.

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    “This type of claims about the dictatorship is an encroachment on human rights and unfortunately has institutional representation,” said legislator Victoria Montenegro, president of the Legislature’s Human Rights Commission, daughter of people who disappeared during the dictatorship and appropriated at birth. by a military man.

    “As is going to happen to the Nazis, wherever they go we will go looking for them!” chanted the protesters who remained outside the Legislature to boo the event.

    Villarruel (48 years old) is a national representative for Milei’s La Libertad Avanza party, and a lawyer by profession. She has defended the existence of “a war” during the dictatorship and considered that “the expression ‘state terrorism’ is not only unfortunate, but also confusing.”

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    Javier Milei, with extreme right-wing political and economic libertarian ideals, was the candidate with the most votes in the August primaries (29.86%).

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