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    The temptation to replicate the Bukele model in Central America

    Integration in Central America is not an easy matter. It is true that considerable progress has been made since the 1990s, but a series of crises such as the one in Nicaragua, the migratory crisis and also the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have created too many obstacles. How to reinvigorate this integration, which seems essential to face joint challenges, in a context of increasing authoritarianism in the region? We analyze it in this edition of En Primera Plana.

    The Ortega regime in Nicaragua, the new model, as popular as it is controversial, of Bukele in El Salvador, the waves of persecution of justice in Guatemala and freedom of information in general, are some of the multiple realities that make up a complicated region that it needs political will and leadership to advance in that integration.

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    El Salvador has the presidency of SICA, the Central American Integration System, until the end of the year and wants to emphasize the insecurity that exists in the region. Can the so-called “Bukele model”, as popular as it is controversial, be advocated to relaunch integration in other countries? We discuss it with our guests:

    – Pascal Drouhaud, specialist analyst for Central America and correspondent for El Diario de Hoy.

    – Laurent Faret, teaching geographer at Paris Cite University.

    – Jules Girardet, mission manager for Central America of the NGO CCFD-Terre Solidaire.

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    Source: France 24

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